In order to sensitize the actors of the sector and thus the visitors of SOLUTRANS, the FFC stand presented a Sustainable Development pole, animated by Philippe SANDRIN, responsible for the CSR - Circular Economy Commission of the FFC.

The current economic situation and the industrial upheavals that the sector is undergoing require us to review the way our companies operate, and not only in terms of our professions. As an extension of the work of its CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and EC (Circular Economy) commission, the FFC, owner of SOLUTRANS, has hosted a Sustainable Development pole on its stand, Place des Lumières.

We propose to the visitors a free exchange with company managers already engaged in a sustainable development approach.

Many company managers think that this notion is similar to radical and indiscriminate ecology. This is why they sometimes slow down their involvement.

Philippe SANDRIN's objective is to demystify the concept and initiate a dialogue with professionals. Because the social, societal and environmental approach must become the priority in the governance of our companies. The FFC's Sustainable Development Unit is giving itself five days to meet with as many companies as possible, to give them a sense of the need to include themselves in this universe, which will in any case impact the entire industry in the medium term.

For further information: [email protected]

For Philippe SANDRIN, "sustainable development, circular economy, societal approach, responsible purchasing..., all these concepts are components of a bright future for companies. In this respect, I am convinced that the richness of the sharing and the diversity of the exchanges will make us all grow in the progression of CSR approaches".


SOLUTRANS 2021: Interview with Philippe SANDRIN, President of the TIB

About Philippe SANDRIN

For the past ten years, Philippe SANDRIN, president of TIB, a bodybuilder and manufacturer specializing in intervention vehicles and now the leader of the FFC's CSR Commission, has revolutionized his business strategy. Instead of using his energy to propose a price, he is going to focus on talking about the product with his customers. Because "in Europe, we can't fight on price, given the social cost", he points out. He then refocuses the debate on the added value of the products, and fights on the quality, proposes durable products with a significant guarantee, so as to make it a commercial argument. All this while limiting his carbon footprint!

And it works! The company was awarded the 2020 Responsible Product Innovation Prize by Usine Nouvelle for its transferable cell concept. The idea is to offer customers the possibility of keeping the original equipment they acquired with the vehicle, and to replace only the chassis-engine. Indeed, the airframe is replaced less often than the chassis. "Customers quickly understood the interest of offering several lives to their equipment, and the vehicle thus keeps a more important market value".