Printing plays a crucial role in the packaging industry, where the stakes in terms of communication, traceability and consumer awareness are ever higher. Be it in terms of a product's composition, its sourcing or its mode of use, this information is decisive in consumer's purchasing, and legilsation too is moving towards greater transparency; all of which requires the judicious use of labels. This all means that the place of printing in the packaging chain is guaranteed.

The printing sector is in full mutation in the heart of a technical revolution offering so many unique possibilities and, on the other, economic and environmental constraints that are redefining the operating framework of every industry.

To help user industries face up to these transformations, ALL4PACK EMBALLAGE PARIS enables its visitors (Company Heads, Buyers, Product Managers, Logistics Managers, R&D Managers, etc.) to meet exhibitors who offer, sustainable solutions. Some machines will be in operation over the four days of the exhibition, providing direct demonstrations of the expertise of the companies exhibiting here.

Faithful to its mission to cover every stage of the packaging and intralogistics process, ALL4PACK EMBALLAGE PARIS gives print professionals a central space: press-printing, 3D printing, digital printing, labels, packaging print equipment, graphics, etc.