The packaging sector is undergoing massive upheaval. Still undeniably useful for its proven operational virtues (safety, transport, guaranteed integrity of the product), packaging now needs to reinvent itself to face restrictions imposed by new societal challenges i.e. overwrapping. ALL4PACK EMBALLAGE PARIS supports professionals from the sector in addressing these issues, to help them find sustainable and specific solutions for their challenges. Let us take a closer look at Packaging, one of the four pillars of ALL4PACK EMBALLAGE PARIS, alongside processing, printing and logistics.

In the midst of technological and societal changes that are transforming consumer expectations and possibilities for producers, packaging finds itself in a paradoxical position.

On the one hand, whatever the mode of production, and irrespective of the distance between factory and end consumer, packaging must offer all the necessary protection, transportability and traceability guarantees for the product it contains.

At the same time, ecological awareness is prompting the remodelling of how consumption decisions are made, and packaging needs to adapt to these new habits. As a brand showcase, packaging embodies the commitment of producers to ecological transition. It therefore needs to be conceived with consummate care, and to take account of consumer demands with regard to a reduced ecological footprint. The utility of certain packaging - primary, secondary and tertiary - is clearly called into question.

To these challenges may be added the constraints to which packaging has always been subject: the ageing of the population, whereby packaging needs to offer a solution that everyone is capable of manipulating; the marketing dimension, which makes packaging a tool of consumer seduction; the economic considerations; and so on.

Packaging is one of the priority sectors of ALL4PACK EMBALLAGE PARIS, which provides its visitors with a complete and representative packaging offer. Through a choice conference programme and innovative exhibitors, the show offers a preview of the packaging world of tomorrow and helps professionals from the sector (CEO, logistics directors, R&D managers, etc.) to pinpoint the broad trends that will make all the difference tomorrow, and to find bespoke solutions to rise to the new challenges.

Conscious both of the crucial importance of packaging and of the challenges the sector faces, ALL4PACK EMBALLAGE PARIS brings together exhibitors from across the entire industry of packaging and its production: process and packing machines, raw materials, consumables and films, identification machines, traceability, marking, coding, machines for secondary packaging, tertiary packaging and shipping, transformation, printing, labels, packagings and containers (cardboard, plastic, glass, metal, wood).