Highly resistant, impermeable to liquids and radiation, excellent for preserving and keeping safe the products it contains, metal is an extremely reliable material for packaging production. If we add to this its recyclability and reuse possibilities, metal truly does have a part to play in the future of packaging.

A still relatively underused material, but whose use is growing

In the packaging landscape in France, metal is the second-least represented material, with only about forty production plants, 6,500 direct jobs and 13,500 indirect jobs in 2021 identified in the industry. In France, metal packaging accounted for only 5% of total packaging in 2017. This is somewhat down on the rest of the world, where it accounts for 12.2%.

However, metal packaging is a strong generator of value and business for France, and it carries significant weight in the packaging industry: its turnover of €1177 million in 2021 is the third-highest in the industry, behind plastic and glass, and 8% of jobs generated by packaging are directly linked to metal. Lastly, with a 29.2% export rate (3rd highest for all materials) and an international turnover of €648 million, metal packaging exports well and is a real asset for French packaging on the international scene.

Versatile and ecological, a material in phase with the expectations for the sector

Yet, above all, metal packaging is an investments catalyst: the rate of investment among metal professionals is higher than the average in packaging: 10.3% as against 9.1%; and it is broadly self-financed. These investments are bearing fruit, with improvements to the product: steel and aluminium packagings, over the past 20 years, have seen their weight reduced by 33% and 28% respectively.

Do the manufacturers see in this a solution for the future, for facing the new social and ecological challenges that have increasingly weighty implications for the world of packaging?

It is true that this material offers many benefits to make it an extremely efficient packaging resource: versatile, it comes in many forms to adapt to its content, it is easy to store (and therefore easy to transport) and highly resistant, all essential qualities in a production chain that is sometimes very long and unwieldy in terms of logistics and transportation. Above all, it is its 100%-recyclable nature that gives it a considerable advantage, as consumer demands focus increasingly on the ecological impact of products (packaging included).

It is, moreover, the most recycled material in France, with a recycling rate of 77% including cans, which have jumped more than 9.5% in the space of two years (2019-2020).

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