The revolution in the packaging and intralogistics ecosystem does not only concern materials that are already in use. By compelling industries to innovate, it encourages them to invent new solutions, which are more sustainable and kinder to the environment.

Growth in demand driven by consumer expectations

Aside from the legislative imperatives which seek to reduce the carbon footprint of the production machine, with a drive toward cleaner packaging, it is the consumers themselves who are demanding products that are more environmentally friendly. Current consumer trends, such as the resurgence of the home-made or bulk purchasing, are transforming the use of packaging, with reusable containers and packaging created from scratch by the user or the buyer. T

he packaging professionals, keen to adapt to this new demand and, more generally, to increasingly pressing ecological imperatives, are demonstrating untrammelled creativity to bring to market innovative packagings, which showcase their own creativity and their CSR commitment.

Come and present your alternative solutions at ALL4PACK EMBALLAGE PARIS!

With a footfall of 80,000 decision-making professionals from the packaging industry, the show represents a unique opportunity for you this year to demonstrate your adaptability in the face of these challenges, and to propose to your customers and prospects made-to-measure solutions.

Make your mark with your offering of alternative materials, in phase with the concerns of our professional visitors: materials that are safe, ecological, economical and easy to use.

To guarantee you maximum visibility, the show makes available a set of tools that are particularly suited to alternative materials:

  • A list of new products, available on our website, on our app and in our catalogue, enabling you to communicate about the new offerings that you will be presenting at the show
  • ALL4PACK Innovations, a competition rewarding the best innovations presented at the show, for which you can register your own revolutionary solutions
  • A visitor pathway dedicated to alternative materials: visitors specifically seeking such materials will be able to find you easily at the exhibition
  • A matchmaking app, allowing you to identify and make a date with visitors likely to be interested by your solutions.

Alternative materials have the wind in their sails and are particularly sought after by our visitors. Don’t miss this opportunity to reinvigorate your business and make lots of contacts with prospective new clients. Make a date, then, for 2024.