If you have any questions about your registration to ALL4PACK EMBALLAGE PARIS 2024, please contact our sales team.

Our sales team:

Véronique Markarian

                      Market Leader

                  +33 1 47 56 32 45

                  +33 6 68 15 21 43



Chanelle Moiffo

                   Sales Manager

                 +33 1 76 77 12 13

                 +33 6 60 61 78 94

  [email protected]

Karen Galstyan

                    Sales Director

                 +33 1 76 77 12 17

                + 33 6 46 26 88 66

  [email protected]

Our international representatives:



Germany  Promosalons  Mme Sarah BRANDENBURG

 [email protected]
Belgium and Luxembourg

 Promosalons  Mr. Guy BERKVENS  [email protected]
China, Hong Kong, Taiwan

 CXPM Shanghai & Paris

 Mrs. Evelyn LIU  [email protected]
Corea  Promosalons  Mrs. Sung-A HWANG 

 [email protected]

United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Jordan,

Koweit, Oman, Lebanon, Bahrein, Qatar

 Promosalons  Mrs. Nabiha DAKKAK  [email protected]
Spain  Promosalons  Mrs. Marianne LEBEGUE-PIERRE
 and Mme Chloé SMIL 

 [email protected]
 [email protected]
India  Promosalons   Mrs. Nitya AGGARWAL

 [email protected]
Italy  Promosalons    Mrs. Eleonora FERRARI 

 [email protected]
Netherlands  Promosalons   Mrs. Anne-Marie VAN SCHAIK 

 [email protected]
Poland  Agent   Mr. Andrzej BEREDA  [email protected]

Portugal  Agent   Mr. Laurent MARIONNET

 m[email protected]
Czech Republic and Slovakia   Agent   Mr. Tereza SLIZKOVA

 [email protected]
Switzerland  Promosalons   Mrs. Charline FABBRO  [email protected]

Türkiye  Promosalons   Mrs. Sibel BULUT  [email protected]