Interview with Nicolas Nordmann, Managing Director at BRÄNDSTRÖM

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What major subjects are you currently working on?

With 45 years of experience, Brändström continues to build capacity through innovation to support packaging manufacturers and help them to better meet the needs of a changing market.

Renowned for its 360° expertise in carton packaging accessories, our company offers a wide range of adhesive tapes, handle solutions and industrial applicators.

Almost all our product ranges are undergoing an ecological transformation. At the same time, our supply chains have been consolidated to maintain the shortest and most reliable delivery times. Our teams have been strengthened with expert "product" profiles but also in application systems.

Furthermore, to meet the growing needs of e-commerce, the company has extended its offer with, in particular, silicone release liners and ENPRO tear tape applicators, which are leading European products.

And finally, to provide bespoke support to its customers, Brändström has launched "Pack Assist", a service for the installation, servicing and repair of industrial equipment.

What approach and offering do you have to meet the high demands from manufacturers and consumers for sustainability and eco-design?

Brändström is committed to meeting the changing needs of the packaging industry, the demands of brands and the expectations of consumers. Thus, the company distributes innovative and environmentally friendly products in France. The company is also FSC certified to guarantee the sustainability of the wood sector. Among the new products from the manufacturers who will be present alongside Brändström at ALL4PACK EMBALLAGE PARIS, we can highlight :

  • ESSENTRA’s recyclable self-adhesive tapes which make for easier opening or reinforcement of packaging
  • PERSSON’s paper handles which add value to the packaging thanks to their quality, solidity and durability
  • ENPRO tear tape applicators which offer the advantage of keeping waste to a minimum in the application of adhesive tape.

Why are you taking part in ALL4PACK EMBALLAGE PARIS this year?

Brändström attaches great importance to building a close relationship with its sales prospects and clients. In addition, we are constantly working on new innovations to meet current and future needs. Our presence at ALL4PACK EMBALLAGE PARIS is therefore a great opportunity to present these innovations and also better understand the market's trends and expectations, and thus devise solutions to meet them.