By working with so many cutting-edge technologies, the Processing sector is changing constantly;  a cauldron of innovations enabling it to adapt rapidly to the economic constraints and challenges imposed by the regulatory and environmental revolution that is shaking up the packaging-processing sector. To help the professionals in this field to keep pace with the constant transformations, and to remain at the vanguard, ALL4PACK EMBALLAGE PARIS presents a complete and representative portfolio of processing, which remains one of the four pillars of the exhibition alongside packaging, logistics and printing.

Automated, optimised and constantly subject to meticulous surveillance and measurement, the production chain for processed goods is at the cutting-edge of technology, with efficiency and yield the bywords. The ongoing search for progress by the sector's manufacturers as well as the use of ever more sophisticated control analysis and statistical techniques, stimulates innovation.

IT plays a highly important role in the design and analysis of the processing chains, and it is clearly one of the crucial factors in innovation. Virtual reality and artificial intelligence make it possible to design upstream a complete chain from A-Z, to anticipate problems and find solutions, and also to facilitate maintenance. Software analyses are based on measurement tools that are precise, reliable and specific to the activity and function of all concerned, to guarantee both machine safety (temperature, pressure) and the potential for malfunction and improvement (hence, optimisation). These measurement and optimisation tools, or Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), are increasingly being deployed and involve most of the sector.

Production line automation also remains a major R&D cost item.

Yet the sector is affected by the same ecological considerations as the rest of industry as a whole. CSR expectations of consumers and changes to regulations framing economic activity are forcing companies to seek the same levels of efficiency but with cleaner technologies; reduce their carbon footprint; and maximise each resource's use..

Through its strategic position in the creation of end products, processing is indissociable from the packaging life cycle, and is therefore given pride of place at ALL4PACK EMBALLAGE PARIS, to enable visitors to the show (Company Heads, Buyers, Logistics Managers, R&D Managers, etc.) to find all the innovative, sustainable and specific solutions for the problems facing them. The show proposes a comprehensive panel of exhibitors, faithfully representing the entire processing sector with, in particular, some machines in operation for demos: food processing, food and non-food processing equipment, plastic transformation machines, packaging manufacturing, packinga, liquid packaging, food packaging.