Discover Nature MultiPack from KHS

Nature MultiPack, a sustainable packaging system now also suitable for the high-performance range!

Sustainable, consumer friendly and gentle on resources: Nature MultiPack from KHS combines beverage containers with easy-to-remove dots of adhesive instead of shrink film to form stable packs, thus saving up to 90% in packaging materials.

The ecofriendly packaging alternative is now also available for the highperformance range

Originally developed by KHS for packs of PET bottles, the Innopack Nature MultiPack packaging machine was initially designed for a capacity range of up to 45,000 bottles per hour plus 20% overcapacity.

It quickly became clear, however, that the sustainable concept of holding beverage containers together with dots of adhesive instead of shrink film to form a pack that’s easy to transport and easy for consumers to ‘open’ was also of interest to the canning segment.

Nature MultiPack

In close cooperation with the Carlsberg Group, the system has now been successfully introduced in several European countries as packs of four, six and eight cans under the name of ‘snap pack’.


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