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Interview with Alban PLAIT-DOIN, Sales director, France and logistic director

Which is the major subject you are currently focusing on?

Following the takeover of ALVEY by SCOTT, SCOTT wanted to strengthen the development of innovative products. During this period, our teams designed more connected, more collaborative products while meeting customer needs in terms of flexibility and maintainability.

For the palletizing industry we offer our new Palletizer.

The PAL 4.0 brings great flexibility in the design of palletizing plans.

All actuators are closed-loop, allowing more precise control and therefore more possibilities in the constitution of the layers produced at higher speeds.

Compared to the previous versions, it is 15% more compact without sacrificing the quality of the Alvey brand.

Scott has integrated an interface into the palletiser control software that allows new palletising plans to be created in situ.

In intra-logistics, SCOTT has launched a range of modular conveyors allowing for quick commissioning, minimising downtime on the operating site.

What is your strategy to answer the increasing demand from both the industries and the consumers, in terms of sustainable development / eco-design ?

To increase agility, two words were key in the design of this new range of components: Robustness & Flexibility.

  • Robustness: through the development of mechanical components that can be reused and reinstalled as your business evolves.
  • Flexibility: by a Multi-Agent System where the components collaborate with each other.

The electrical architecture and decentralized control of the installation are designed for rapid reconfiguration, thus ensuring that your growth can be supported at low cost and with minimal delay.

Making reusable components was our first eco-design approach, we gave several lives to all our components. We rationalize the energies used, our components and products are moving towards all-electricity.

Our EvoWare software allows the final customer to upgrade their physical and operational installation, via a user-oriented interface. 

Our customers gain in autonomy and agility on our installations.

Why did you choose to take part in ALL4PACK 2020 ? / Which kind of decision makers do you meet there ?

ALL4PACK has been the only significant international trade fair on the French market for decades. It is an important gathering for Scott.

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