3 Questions to Ribawood

Interview with Ribawood

Which is the major subject you are currently focusing on?

We are focused on the circular economy, and zero waste philosophy. We produce, rebuy and regrain the customers palets to close the process and make more palets avoiding the waste.

What is your strategy to answer the increasing demand from both the industries and the consumers, in terms of sustainable development / eco-design ?

We work every day to innovate using natural materials, to have more quality ands less waste. We want to use the wastes produced by the quotidian life to add in the process, avoiding and reducing the others contamination of the environment. We have done different social responsibility politics, in and out of the company.

Why did you choose to take part in ALL4PACK 2020 ? / Which kind of decision makers do you meet there ?

For us is a very important exhibition, because of the potential customers, and for the high level of the exhibitors. In our sector, ALL4PACK is a reference in terms of innovation. And a place to find all the competitors, and opportunities to do strategic alliances.

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