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Give buyers, logistics managers and company bosses the chance to discover your specific and bespoke solutions for retail or e-commerce.

The retail and e-commerce market worldwide

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As e-commerce maintains its momentum and profits from the growth in purchasing on mobile devices, retail is having to reinvent itself. Consumers now mix and match when it comes to physical and online purchasing, and this is disrupting the very model of how trading is done. Faced with these consumer trends, the market players need to adapt by offering new solutions and new services for customers who demand more and more. Product quality must remain constant, and products must be integrated in a process of total traceability from production to consumer, in as optimised a way as possible. Discover all the challenges and the specific solutions at ALL4PACK. 

B2C e-commerce in Europe in 2021

  • Turnover: 757 billion €  (+ 10 % vs 2019) 
  • Top 3 in terms of European B2C e-commerce sales (2020): United Kingdom (236 billion euros), France (112 billion euros), Germany (93.6 billion euros).
  • 71% of the European population with Internet access makes purchases on e-commerce websites

Source: FEVAD European E-commerce Report ; Statista

E-commerce in France in 2021

  • Turnover: 129 billions € (+15, 1 % vs 2020) 
  • 5, 19% of French GDP comes from e-commerce
  • 200 650 active merchant sites (2018)
  • 61% of the leading sites sell internationally (2018)

Source: FEVAD

In-store retailing in France in 2018 

  • Turnover: 417.7 billion € of which more than 49% for food
  • 1 529 million employees of whom 46,1% work in the food sector
  • 459 000 companies of which 24,8% are food companies

Source : Direction Générale des Entreprises

The packaging and containers market and the market for identification, traceability and marking machines for retail and e-commerce at ALL4PACK

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At ALL4PACK 2018 there were 180 exhibitors presenting bespoke solutions for retail or e-commerce. Thanks to ALL4PACK INNOVATIONS, exhibitors can showcase their new products and innovations before an audience of buyers, logistics managers, etc., and benefit from greater visibility. With 600 machines in operation over four days, ALL4PACK offers a unique opportunity to demonstrate how your machine can meet your customers' needs

Come and join the exhibitors from retail and e-commerce who have already signed up to ALL4PACK 2022:

Arden Plast SAS (FRA), Auer Packaging GMBH (GER), Automated Packaging Systems France (FRA), Caica (SPA), CFPMA (CHI), Georg UTZ SARL (FRA), Jean Bal Thermoformage (FRA), ORA Emballer Fermer Sceller (FRA), Ribawood SA (SPA), Smartflow (BEL), Taiwan Plastics Industry Association (TAI), Tasdeer Holding (EGY), Vatan Plastik SAN.TIC.AS (TUR), ...

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