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SPI Group

SPI Group - 05 - Service providers, related activities for packaging

Allée des Acacias
01150 St Vulbas


SPI is an independent services supplier such a first-tier component supplier providing an industrial tool on behalf of major clients, responding to the various steps of the global supply chain : logistic, copacking, packing. Realisation of promotional items under shrink wrapping film or folding X, promotional sachets, labeling operations, sticking operations products on card, boxing operations and displays ; Packing in sachets of powders, granules, solids and liquids , packing in , boxes, cartons ; Development of specific lines ; Filling , fitting, shaping all kinds of box (1/4 , 1/2 , 1/8 and full pallet) and POS, cardboard, metal, wood, mixed. For further information, visit our website www.spiservices.fr.


Customer target

  • Food
  • Consumer and household goods
  • Beverages
  • Cosmetics - Perfumery - Hygiene
  • E-Commerce
  • Mass retail - Generic brands - Other retail - Drive-in
  • Transport - Logistics