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Coval - 04 - Packaging machine accessories & components

ZA des Petits Champs
26120 Montelier


Coval's vision as vacuum managers is to be the world's leading solution provider of vacuum automation technology. Through innovative company culture, service excellence and knowledge sharing we aim to be a driving force behind our clients' business performance worldwide.

Press releases

  • FPC Series Suction Cup – Portrait of a Specialist for all types of FlowPack packaging.!

    10 November 2016

    FPC stands for FlowPack Cup: COVAL's new suction cup is fully dedicated to handling FlowPack packaging. A real technological breakthrough for a constantly evolving packaging method. This exceptional suction cup will be introduced at the ALL4PACK trade show and demonstrated to the public for the first time. FlowPack now has its very own suction cup. The FPC Series is based on three major innovations: 1. Thin and wavy flower-shaped lips that perfectly mold to the packaging, whatever the shape. 2. Internal cleats that allow for optimized vacuum while preventing any crushing and also strengthen the hold on the product being handled. 3. Fittings featuring a lateral vacuum distributor that prevent any loss in efficiency when the product is held. 4. Materials: Food-grade silicone and plastic insert meets FDA and CE standards.

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  • LEMCOM, first communicating vacuum pump on field bus. COVAL brings vacuum into Industry of the Future

    10 November 2016

    The factory of the future is no longer just a project. Within the workplace, tools and workstations communicate on a continual basis. Machines, systems and products exchange information, between themselves as well as externally. The aim is to give more flexibility, intelligence and energy savings to production tools, in order to meet industry’s needs. COVAL accompanies its customers during this transformation thanks to its mechatronics expertise applied to vacuum handling. Commercializing the LEMCOM, communicating vacuum pump on field bus, proves this. It’s a world first! Future Industry LEMCOM is the most successful demonstration of a vacuum pump’s mechatronic design. It is designed to meet integrator as well as user expectations, in terms of flexibility, safety, productivity and energy savings. LEMCOM installs very effective communication at distance between the operator and the vacuum pump. This communication makes it possible to receive information in real time, but above all to act at any moment to change settings, to ensure corrective and preventive maintenance of the vacuum pump.

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