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Comep - 03 - Process & packaging, converting, filling machines (all types)

ZAE du Pont Neuf - 11 rue de la Bonne Fin
16130 Salles d'Angles

Press releases

  • Comep can substantially contribute to the environmental responsibilities of the PET blow molding industry through its unique mold technology

    31 October 2016

    Comep can substantially contribute to the environmental responsibilities of the PET blow molding industry through its unique mold technology. In 2012, Comep concentrated innovation efforts on energy savings thanks to its high expertise on blow molds for the PET industry. The goal was to generate significant energy savings in the PET blow holding process by reducing the blowing pressure, the production of compressed air being the major source of energy consumption. The solution consists in facilitating the evacuation of the air outside the cavity thanks to a specific mold design. 2012: launch of the first patented energy saving told base: the Low Pressure Base Thanks to narrow grooves machined in the base, the surface of evacuation is strongly increased, allowing lower pressure for blowing. This innovation doesn’t need the change of the existing bottle shape, and could be applied to the majority of bottles (still water, CSD). For example, 2 Liters CSD bottles are currently blown at 22 bars +/- 2 bars, and 600 ml CSD bottles at 23 bars +/- 2 bars. More than 2’500 units are running today by a lot of different bottlers worldwide. They confirm a payback period of less than 6 months due to the achieved energy savings. They also express additional benefits as a more flexible process set-up. 2013: launch of the second patented energy saving mold shell assembly: the Super Vented Mold The low pressure technology is extended in the shells. To be applicable, the shape of the bottle should include enough engravings and/or ribs for positioning the grooves. With such shell, in addition to the base, a 1.5 Liter still water bottle (light weight 21 grams) is industrially blown at less than 15 bars on several production lines for more than 2 years. Several benefits have been confirmed : - more flexible process settings giving additional process degrees; - highly recommendable for high speed machines (the contact between the hot PET and the molding surface occurs faster, allowing a more quick cooling of the bottle); - higher mechanical resistance. As first player with these unprecedented innovations in the PET blow molding industry, Comep is proud to support the energy savings strategies of its customers. About Comep Founded in 1998, Comep is an independent company based in Cognac (France), producing PET blow molds for all OEM machines regardless the technologies and standards, and providing the related services as bottle design, prototyping, worldwide technical assistance and R&D for process improvement. Its own continuous production workshop supplies molds all around the world. More information at [email protected]

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