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CGP - Corrugated cardboard blanks

ZI de Ladoux - 6 rue Verte
63118 Cébazat


Worldwide leader in anti-slip coatings, specialist in packaging solutions and technical coatings (VCI, waterproof, cold-seal…), CGP Coating Innovation is an international partner, determinedly focused on innovation. We transform paper, film and cardboard in solutions dedicated to packaging, protection and transportation of loads, revolving around 4 ranges of products: Logistic, Packaging, Corrosafe and Flexible. Besides our offer of consumables, we offer associated services to our customers such as a packaging development department and a test center to analyze and validate solutions based on transport simulation benches. From our French, German and Canadian production plants, we deliver our products in more than 50 countries, with always the same ambition to be as closely as possible to our customers’ needs. Innovation, adaptation, proximity and reactivity are the keywords of CGP Coating Innovation. CGP EXPERT AUTOMATIC CUTTER OF PALLET TIE-SHEETS : EXCALIBUR This solution has been designed to automatically produce palletizing system formats - according to the defined dimensions - and distribute them directly to your high-level, low-level and robot palletizing line. CGP FLEXIBLE INNOVATION is a manufacturer and transformer of flexible films for food, construction, transformer and mailing industries. As we have the expert staff and resources to extrude thin film, to print high quality flexo and to offer various transformations, we develop custom-made packagings up to the requirements of our customers.