Best Pack 4.0

Design students’ forward looking vision of smart packaging

What future for connected packaging?

In 2016, the notion of smart objects is visible everywhere we turn and appears to be the innovative response to all our questions, seemingly capable of solving all forms of problems.

The smart object is the major Innovation whose form is defined progressively alongside its successive scenarios of use.

It is surrounded by an ecosystem encompassing all types of technology used, such as digital, data, traceability, virtual or augmented reality.The list of possibles is unending, insofar that technology promises to deliver further outstanding advances.

In 2016, being connected is imperative. Connected to people or to beings of all types, to the objects around us, which we create, receive, handle, transport or exchange. 

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Packaging is at the heart of this evolution, which has only just begun.

Whether smart and /or connected, it is obvious that it is not the technique which deserves attention, but the uses for which it is intended. 

On the basis of this abstract, design students from three international design colleges in Canada, Finland and France offer their contributions to the following question:

“Starting from existing and already utilised technologies and those that will emerge in the short or longer term, what is our forward looking vision for utility and life cycle scenarios of the Connected Packaging of the future?”


UQÀM Montréal


Strate School of Design



Watch the teaser videos

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The Best Pack 4.0 event will showcase projects offering new insight into changes influenced by the technological progress that lies in store for packaging, an essential component in our daily lives as users.