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GEPPIA’s “Virtual Packaging Line” invites visitors on a first-ever journey into the heart of machines on a packaging line.

Sensations are guaranteed with the “serious game” presented on the GEPPIA pavilion, offering visitors total immersion in virtual reality to follow the journey of a food product on an entire packing and packaging line.

This totally unprecedented feature at the ALL4PACK trade show aims to promote the capabilities of French machinery manufacturers and suppliers to join forces in incorporating new technology into their offering. 

3 minutes of immersion in virtual reality at the heart of a 100% French-made packaging line 

Sitting comfortably in their capsule and wearing their virtual reality headset, the visitor will experience the journey of a food product “from the inside” of a complete packing and packaging line made up of several GEPPIA members’ machines.

Visitors will be able to follow each stage of the process, from the manufacture of the package to palletisation, experiencing unparalleled sensations, intelligently concocted in association with the company Middle VR, a French startup and partner of GEPPIA and a specialist in virtual reality applications for use by industrial firms. 

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The exhaustive offering of GEPPIA members in augmented reality

In addition to this unique experience, visitors will be invited to discover on the plan of a full line the entire spectrum covered by the product range of GEPPIA’s members, from primary packing to the end of the line.

This plan, displayed in a dedicated area of the GEPPIA stand, will also be inserted in the trade press, handed out at the show and made available on the stands of GEPPIA members.

Combined with a free application for mobile devices downloadable on the AppStore and Google Play, this interactive media offers access to a presentation of the wide range of items of equipment offered by French manufacturers, and a chance to view them in augmented reality.


Virtual reality and augmented reality: an experimental playing field for French manufacturers

This collective communications project, bringing together around forty industrial manufacturers and suppliers, has enabled GEPPIA’s members to gain insight into all the opportunities offered by virtual reality and augmented reality.

Associated with French Tech, this project opens up an incredible field of investigation for the creation of new services: the distance development of entire lines, multi-supplier design, maintenance, training, etc.

Potential applications are countless and French manufacturers intend to take advantage of these new technologies to maintain their standards of excellence. 

Discover this event at GEPPIA Pavilion - Hall 6 Stand B039 throughout the show

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