New shock indicator ShockDot - TILT IMPORT

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Tilt-Import is a company specialized in control of shipments and reduction of damage for 30 years.

The Shockdot is an improved shock indicator. Traceability enhanced by serialization. QR code allows customers to verify the authenticity of the indicator. Verify the authenticity of your ShockDot by scanning the QR code and entering in the serial number. if the serial number is not recognized in the ShockDot database, please contact ShockWatch or an authorized distributor

The ShockDot shock indicator has an improved visibility window.  It is a Prop 65 compliant product.

The QR code can also be used by the customer for their own traceability solutions:  We are currently working with customers that want to use the ShockDot to trace shipments of parts that will go into assembly lines,  through their own QR system. If a shipment has an activated Shockdot it will be sent to verification area and replaced by a non-activated shipment, optimizing the assembly line production.

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