Exhibitor testimonials

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Discover 2014 EMBALLAGE and MANUTENTION exhibitors talking about their participation at the show! Save the date: 26-29 November 2018 at Paris Nord Villepinte, France.

BALYO (France) - Baptiste Mauget, Head of Marketing & Communications

“MANUTENTION 2014 was a resounding success all round for IP3 Concept, a subsidiary of the IP3 Group. This event enabled us to meet some of the world’s major ordering institutions; and they want to integrate our IP3 System solution, a Manut’Innovations 2014 Favourite. MANUTENTION 2014 is therefore the ideal place for business for us, having raised the profile of our start-up and solution to a large degree. Within the scope of our search for dealers worldwide, we were able to complete a deal for our company in two strategic countries during the show.”

IP3 Concept (France) - Jacques Le Monnier et Nicolas Salah, Joint Managers 

 “The 2014 session of MANUTENTION enabled us to make new ties with promising clients and to maintain the contact with existing clients all in the same place.”

KNAPP AG ( Autriche) - Stéphane Conjard, Managing Director 

 “MANUTENTION 2014 gave us the opportunity to welcome many clients and new prospects in a single venue. It was also the occasion for a preview presentation in images of our new heterogeneous palletisation technologies (IK PA robot)” 

ULMA HANDLING SYSTEMS ( Espagne) - Claude Pasqua, ULMA official representative   

UVO Technologies ( France et Benelux) - Michel Uvo, Chief Executive Officer

“2014 was even better! It was a ramp-up for us. During their visit, clients demonstrated a certain degree of enthusiasm, shrugging off the ambient gloom. For us, it was an excellent barometer of economic recovery in the sector. The Innovation Awards were a big “plus” in generating this dynamic”.

ADEPT TECHNOLOGIE (France) - Jean-Michel Bombar – Sales Manager 

“We noted higher attendance rates than in 2012, and the presence of major groups, generally seen at other exhibitions across the world. Therefore qualified contacts: people with projects who come to meet us to find solutions.”

BFR Groupe (France) - Antonio Fonseca – General Manager 

“There were countless visitors at our stands. EMBALLAGE is the best place for business – with very high quality sales contacts. The exhibition generated a dynamic momentum overall.”

CCPIT MSC (Chine) - Elva Peng - Foreign Trade Director

”All our clients were present at this get-together, and we made excellent contacts. Wednesday, the third day of the exhibition, was exceptionally good in terms of contacts; and we noted a high number of visitors from the North African countries.”

COESIA (Italie) - Luisa Marinzi – Marketing Manager Italy

“The exhibition was very positive for us. We saw lots of French and international visitors; and professionals flocked to the show right up to the end.”

CVP (Taïwan) Peter Yang – General Manager

“Our companies are happy because they made some very good and closely targeted contacts. The show provides excellent visibility, and the communication is really dynamic. For us, it’s extremely important to attend: Paris is always Paris!"

FLANDERS INVESTMENT & TRADE (Belgique) Jamila Zirari – Export Investment France

“For us, EMBALLAGE is a key show both for the quality of its offering and for the visitors. We exhibit all kinds of innovations and technologies, and feel that the demand is of increasing interest: the decision-makers who come to see us are looking for solutions – and they find them.”

ISTANBUL EXPORTERS’ ASSOCIATION (Turquie) - Levent Çolakglu – General Manager / Representative of the Turkish companies

“A busy show this year. We were globally satisfied with the level of attendance. This meeting place provides us with the opportunity to meet clients and prospects in a effective setting and also to establish new contacts.”

LGR (France) Claudine Poncet – Marketing Manager

“It was a great success for the company. We even sold a machine at the exhibition… Our display attracted countless quality clients – buyers who are decision-makers – with many international contacts in the first few days!"

MECAPACK (France) Myriam Wils – Head of communications

 “This is the best exhibition for digital printing, the busiest and the most professional! We welcomed lots of decision-makers: the interest rises when innovation is present, especially in these times of crisis: investors understand the stakes involved in seeking innovation that differentiates.”


“We are quite satisfied overall. We chose to attend the EMBALLAGE exhibition because our clients and prospects are present in Paris.”

RPC (France) Laurent Morel – Sales director

In 2012, exhibitors were also talking about us: 

“This year, we found that there was strong attendance, especially on the last day. Visitors come to this show and to our stand to find new products.”

BEAURAIN Frères – Véronique BEAURAIN, Chair and CEO (France)

“The same number of visitors as in 2010, but of better quality this year. 4 days is good: no time to kill, and a good balance of visitor attendance. I would like to applaud the quality of the organisation in 2012. For us, EMBALLAGE is a true launchpad for our innovations.”

GEBO CERMEX – Yolande GARCIA, Sales promotion (France)

“I found this year’s exhibition very dynamic with its different areas dedicated to events and exhibitions of innovations. We also played the game by presenting our finished goods, which enabled us to highlight our high-tech expertise. The exhibition was extremely well promoted, which was reflected in its attendance.”

DS SMITH Packaging – Christophe FURET, Communications manager (France)

“An excellent exhibition. Our PACK INNOVATION AWARD awakened the curiosity of our customers and raised interest from new contacts. Taking part in EMBALLAGE TV was beneficial and impacted on our entire range.”

EUROPLASTIQUES – Olivier POPELER, National sales manager (France)

“Top quality visitors for this show. We had the opportunity of communicating effectively on our innovations and launching a new offering that corresponds to a new set of issues. Our overall assessment is very positive.”

HP – Patrice BERNOU, Marketing Manager (France)

“An amazing 40th show, with heavy stand traffic from French, North African and European visitors. For us, attending EMBALLAGE is a fully justified investment since the show enables us to present our innovations and new products and to strengthen our customer relationships. Our brand, KOSME (entry level), enabled us to develop sales leads in the personal care and cosmetics segments.”

KRONES AG – Olivier FOUASSIER, Key account manager (Allemagne)

"An excellent stimulus this year compared with the previous trade show! Visitors came right up to the end.”

MARKEM-IMAJE  - Guillaume KRAL, Europe Marketing specialist (France)

“We were particularly happy with our stand location this year and with the contacts made. Thanks to 2 innovations, we attracted many people and – notably – 17 journalists! It is the first time that we had seen so many media representatives on our stand.”

METTLER TOLEDO – Nathalie BRAEM, Marketing manager (France)

“This year, we were attracted by the hall segmentation, fluid reception formalities and accessible car parks… It is the 14th time that we have attended EMBALLAGE and this is, more than ever, an irreplaceable meeting place; I asked my visitors why they attended and it seems that EMBALLAGE is an essential date for packaging solutions and new products.”

PDC Europe – Derek VANDEVOORDE, President (France)

 “We have been coming to EMBALLAGE since 1994. The quality of the contacts has improved considerably. Each contact is transformed into a ‘useful’ sales lead.”

PROMENS -  Rudolph PFEIFFER, Packaging systems manager (France)

“This 2012 show was marked by some very interesting, good quality contacts with precise needs – which we could not have found alone – right up to the last day.”

VIROJANGLOR – Eric BOIN, Deputy director (France)