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Airopack - 02 - Packaging and containers (all types)

Van Schijndelstraat 7
5145 RE Waalwijk


Airopack is the planet friendly virtualy all plastic aerosol that's powered purely by air. There are no gas propellants or chemicals-just an ingeniously designed pressure control device, the product and pure clean air. With Airpack you can spray at any angle. Each transparent Airopack is manufactured maily from reclyclable plastic (PET). With Airopack we are lowering the carbon footprint for our environment. Airopack is the aerosol re-imagined, it's product friendly, people friendly and above all, planet friendly


Customer target

  • Consumer and household goods
  • Industrial goods
  • Cosmetics - Perfumery - Hygiene
  • Pharmacy - Health

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