An essential component of the distribution chain, logistics is represented at ALL4PACK by a comprehensive panel of exhibitors specialised in handling and intralogistics. Here we focus on this sector of activity, a central pillar of ALL4PACK Emballage Paris, alongside packagingprocessing and printing.

Logistics has always been a key link in the production and distribution chains, and its importance never ceases to grow. The way in which flows and stocks are managed remains forever a topical issue, as our modes of consumption evolve, but it tends to throw up more and more challenges that professionals need to tackle.

Beyond the economic issues, and the constraints forcing industry to seek perpetual optimisation, many other factors are also involved in streamlining objectives. The need to reduce the supply chain's environmental footprint, the demand for flexibility when faced with the multitude of ordering and distribution channels, as well as consumer expectations, are all disrupting the sector. New technologies are giving customers unprecedented access to the warehouse and forcing professionals to adopt greater transparency.

Conscious of the challenges posed by Logistics 4.0, ALL4PACK Emballage Paris plays host to a comprehensive range of exhibitors offering sustainable and made-to-measure solutions for handling-logistics professionals: information systems, trolleys, logistics, handling equipment, lifting equipment, storage, handling materials. Heads of companies, buyers and logistics managers can come and meet innovative companies that are at the cutting-edge of developments, to conceive together the supply chain of tomorrow.

Logistics and handling in France in 2019:

1.9 million employees

10% of French GDP

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