ALL4PACK, a new era

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Building tomorrow's world today: this is the challenge we face daily.

Held every two years, ALL4PACK is the go-to trade fair for 66,000 professionals, who congregate to discover in its aisles the innovative and sustainable packaging solutions provided by 1100 exhibitors and brands. Its next edition, which will take place in 2024, is the opportunity to add another chapter to the story. Today the exhibition is tasked with supporting professionals in facing up to an unprecedented revolution and taking on the new ecological challenges forced upon them.

70 years of passion

1947 advertising for cellophane

Let’s take a trip back in time to 1947. The first ever Salon de l’Emballage packaging exhibition was held in the post-war years, welcoming to the capital all the world’s biggest players in packaging and logistics. Packaging was then already a core concern for professionals and, through this specialised event, they were able “to forge and consolidate fruitful relationships with suppliers”*. 70 years ago, the show was already the showcase for the trends of tomorrow and pursued a steadfast objective: providing heads of companies with modern solutions for packaging their products.

This new exhibition, the first ever in Europe, was resolutely international in character from its very first outing. More than just bringing them together, the event would inspire professionals and help them hone their ideas. Already visionary in the 1950s, the Salon de l’Emballage would even reward brands for their progress and improvements in packaging, by organising its own "Oscars"

Over the years the exhibition has always been able to adapt to market transformations and meet the expectations of companies from all sectors. The event would take a new direction in 2016, when the Emballage ("Packaging") and Manutention ("Handling") exhibitions merged to become ALL4PACK Paris.

Seven decades of innovation and passion later, the ALL4PACK show continues to be a place of sharing, exchange and encounter, and offers visitors a thoroughly comprehensive package. Packaging, processing, printing and logistics: these four areas of expertise cover all professionals' needs throughout the product life cycle.

2024: time for an ALL4PACK makeover?

For this new edition, ALL4PACK Emballage Paris will be bringing together all packaging professionals in 2024. So, as the year draws to an end, visitors from the world over will be able to discover all the trends and innovations from the packaging and intralogistics ecosystem. And the tone has already been set: ALL4PACK will reflect the changing environment!

More than ever, sustainable development will be central to the event and the visitors will be able to find concrete solutions for facing the new challenges of today and tomorrow. On site there will be the opportunity to meet national and international manufacturers of packaging, containers and machines and to discover 600 machines in operation. ALL4PACK 2022 offers a global approach in supporting user industries in their search for solutions, combining sustainability, performance and profitability.

In 2018, some 80,000 professionals came to the show, and expressed a 90% satisfaction rate. This edition also provided the opportunity to present 400 new exhibitors and 300 major innovations. The R3D reusable bubble-insulated box, the CreaPACKing complete packaging design solution, Paperstrap, the first banding strap in laminated paper: these are among the 11 products that won the "Innovation Awards".

In 2024, ALL4PACK will be going further still! The future of packaging is in the hands of the exhibitors and visitors who will be at the show: it is up to them to shape the world of tomorrow.

ALL4PACK: building the future together

Be part of the revolution

The packaging revolution is underway. Faced with the magnitude of environmental issues, the challenges to be faced are considerable and sustainable packaging is a core topical concern. Legal requirements coming into effect for the circular economy leave us with no choice anyway. From 2021, the use of expanded polystyrene, as deployed extensively in food packaging, will no longer be possible. The objective for 2025 will then be, and, by 2040, plastic will be completely prohibited for all single-use packaging.

The 2022 edition of ALL4PACK Paris will allow professionals to come together and exchange ideas about the problems facing the sector. An important page is turning, and the avowed ambition of our event is to help the packaging and intralogistics ecosystem to write a new one.

In 2022, you'll be able to discover all the exciting events lined up for the show:

ALL4PACK is the opportunity for all professionals concerned to share their thoughts and ideas with their peers and to think about packaging solutions together as well as the daunting challenges facing them today.

A word from Fabrice Peltier, packaging expert

Fabrice Peltier

In a society that is asking itself questions, and which is in flux in the face of the environmental challenges that no one can ignore any longer, packaging is under scrutiny like never before from consumers and NGOs. In reaction to this, the public authorities legislate: prohibiting the marketing of certain plastic packaging is only the start. The entire packaging sector is being urged to provide alternative responses in order to reduce usage, to reuse, to upcycle, to recycle… in short, to be kinder to the environment.

At the 2018 edition of ALL4PACK, we explained how packaging was at the dawn of its revolution. In 2020, the alarm has sounded, and the revolution is on the march!

ALL4PACK Emballage Paris will be the prime occasion to board the train of the unstoppable packaging revolution.

A word from Guillaume Schaeffer, Event Director

In 2022, ALL4PACK will be the trailblazing, inspirational and unmissable event for the innovation and packaging of the future, where everything is yet to be reinvented. Its ambition is to become the benchmark for innovative, sustainable and responsible packaging and logistics. In deference to this, ALL4PACK Paris becomes ALL4PACK Emballage Paris and assumes its position as a committed and eco-responsible trade fair.

A word from Xavier Terlet, CEO of ProtéinesXTC

Xavier Terlet

"Never in 50 years of mass consumption has the context been so disrupted. The products that will be making money for companies in five years’ time are, for the most part, yet to be created. Packaging will be more than ever the medium for numerous innovations, to address the expectations of increasingly demanding consumers when it comes to eco-design, convenience and safety."


*Excerpt from the editorial by Emmanuel Olive, General Commissioner of the Emballage trade show in 1947.