The members of the Expert Pack committee

Discover the members of the Pack Expert Committee, the Packaging and intralogistics Think Tank of the ALL4PACK 2022 exhibition, animated by Olivia MILAN.

The packaging sector is undergoing unprecedented upheavals, driven by large-scale environmental issues.

This is the context in which ALL4PACK 2022 is once again assembling its Pack Expert committee, to ensure that the exhibition remains solidly grounded in what is going on in the industry and to make ALL4PACK a source of inspiration, through close scrutiny of the latest innovations and regulations.

For its sixth edition, the Pack Expert committee, under the auspices of exhibition director, Olivia Milan, is bringing together major corporations, companies that use packaging and experts from the sector for practical exchanges throughout the show preparation period and during the four days of ALL4PACK 2022.

These get-togethers will provide the committee members with the opportunity to interact in reflecting on the various topical issues and their own expectations and, through their cross-disciplinary expertise, ensure that the exhibition is grounded in the concerns, the present and the future of a changing world.

Olivia Milan

Olivia MILAN
ALL4PACK director




Fabrice Peltier Fabrice PELTIER
Design Expert

Fabrice Peltier is an acknowledged packaging design expert and eco-design pioneer who works to promote responsible and more sustainable packaging. He provides consultancy services as a catalyst for eco-design creativity to the entire packaging sector (packaging manufacturers, marketers and eco-bodies).
He regularly delivers lectures and writes for many trade journals including Emballages Magazine to which he has contributed more than 150 packaging analyses in the past 20 years. He has also written several books and white papers, among them Packaging Ready for its Revolution, published in 2018 in association with ALL4PACK.

Bruno SIRI
General director - French Packaging Association

Bruno SIRI is the general director of the French Packaging Association since May 2010. Engineer in food-processing industry (ENSAIA Nancy 1987) and Holder of a Master’s degree in sustainable development (Paris-Dauphine University 2007), he first worked in Innovation by developing new products (Lactalis) before taking responsibilities in packaging development, especially for Brossard France, LU France and Danone France dairy products.

Valentin Fournel Valentin FOURNEL
Eco-design team director - CITEO

Valentin Fournel is a graduate of AgroParisTech and worked in Innovation consulting for 8 years before joining Citeo in 2015. He is currently Director of the Eco-design team, which aims to help companies develop the virtuous packaging solutions of the future.






Philippe Bonningue

Global director of sustainable Packaging & Development - L'ORÉAL

Philippe BONNINGUE joined L’Oréal in the UK in 1988. Since then, he has been promoted to several positions in different divisions in France, including Building/Processing management, breakthrough Biotechnology project leadership, Pumps/Aerosols Lab management, Packaging Innovation, Technical Packaging & NPD. In 2007, he became Vice-President of Development & Packaging for the North America zone. Starting mid-2013, Philippe’s role has been to establish the vision, the missions and the strategy of the Group for the most responsible packaging activity, in support of the major Sharing Beauty With All worldwide program; Philippe led the Packaging part of the creation of the SPOT Methodology (Sustainable Product Optimization Tool) in 2016, and the co-foundation of the SPICE initiative (2018). Philippe has invented more than 15 worldwide patented innovations.

Guillaume LEBERT
Sustainability R&D Manager EUROPE - PROCTER & GAMBLE

Guillaume Lebert is currently Sustainability R&D Manager Europe at Procter & Gamble. With more than 16 years of experience in different product categories and across multiple locations, Guillaume has always been at the heart of innovations, providing consumers with products of outstanding value for money. In 2007, Guillaume led the roll-out of Downy Single Rinse, a fabric softener for hand-wash countries that delivers massive water savings. In 2010, he was one of the initiators of research program on fabric protection with the aim of increasing their longevity. In 2017, he joined the Sustainability unit to lead innovations in this area in Europe. Mr. Lebert graduated as a chemical engineer in 2004 from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Chimie de Paris. He is currently based at the P&G Brussels Innovation Center in Belgium.

Olivier DEVIE



Alexandra LAGISZ
Packaging Strategy Manager - LES MOUSQUETAIRES



Jean-Luc Poirier

Global Packaging Acceleration Manager - MARS PETCARE FRANCE

Having arrived in the packaging world by chance, recruited at a time when specialities did not exist, Jean-Luc Poirier’s technical and food academic background has enabled him to gain greater insight into container-contents constraints and, over the years, to become an expert in packaging.

Bruno Garnier Bruno GARNIER
Packaging sector Quality and CSR Expert - MOULTIPASSAGENCY

After studying Design, then starting out as a Design Agency in Paris, Bruno Garnier joined Carrefour in 1998 as Head of Non-food Packaging France, then International.
From 2009 to 2019, he became the Carrefour Group’s Quality and Sustainability Packaging Expert. During these years, he was Winner of the Packaging Strategies Trophy in 2013, Vice-president of the National Packaging Council from 2015 to 2019 and Head of the Food Packaging and Contact Working Group within the French Distributors Federation.
With the acquisition of a new Master Degree (RNCP7), he has just created his Agency of coaching and expertise to support the change management in companies, especially in the packaging sector.

Alexandre VERNIER
Packaging CSR Manager