Sustainable plastic packaging spotlighted in PackTheFuture's awards list

The notion of "the right packaging” has taken on its full meaning with the winners of the 5th edition of PackTheFuture, the competition organised by ELIPSO and IK, and of which ALL4PACK is a partner. 

The aim of PackTheFuture, first announced in 2014, is to make the innovative potential of plastic packaging better known throughout Europe. This European award offers the member companies of ELIPSO and IK an ideal platform for promoting the sustainability of their packaging solutions.

Rendezvous at ALL4PACK

With 58 entries, 14 nominees and 10 winners, European companies are once again testifying to their dynamism and, above all, to a strong spirit of innovation. Packaging is evolving, and the perception of it is changing. The challenges of preservation, protection and ecodesign are once again highlighted. The topic of sustainability is more and more at the heart of the strategies, as shown by the high number of entries in the "Ecodesign" category of the competition. 

The outcome is therefore positive for PackTheFuture! he competition, which started on September 23, 2019, was disrupted by the Covid-19 pandemic, but this does not divert it from its objectives: as much packaging as necessary, as little as possible. The award ceremony that was to be held in Interpack (Düsseldorf) in May could not take place due to the postponement of the exhibition.  ALL4PACK will have the pleasure of welcoming the winners of PackTheFuture on 24 November at Paris Nord Villepinte.

Discover the winners of PackTheFuture 2020

Ecodesign Category

Greenleaf 2

Albea Services SAS (France) with « Greenleaf 2 »

"With Greenleaf 2 Albea succeeded in creating a high-barrier laminate tube that is fully recyclable in the rigid HDPE stream. The use of EVOH guarantees protection of the product but does not compromise the recyclability of the packaging."


Duo Earth 4
Duoplast AG (Germany) with « Duo Earth 4 »

"Duoplast successfully incorporated at least 25% post-consumer regenerate in its Duo Earth 4 stretch film while keeping the overall thickness to 8 µm, without loss of performance."



Mauser Infinity Series IBC

Mauser Packaging Solutions (Germany) with « Mauser Infinity Series IBC »

"Mauser created the first composite IBC with an inner receptacle made from PCR material. This product provided prove of technical feasibility and by that supported the case for the upcoming revision of the UN model regulation that will allow the use of dedicated PCR material within UN-approved IBC."

Sidel Blowing & Services S.A.S (France) with « AYA »

"AYA from Sidel is a combination of 100 % rPET material and intelligent design for logistics & consumer information. The attached cap completes its holistic sustainability approach."


PE based carrier strip
Verpa Folie Weidhausen GmbH (Germany) with « PE based carrier strip »

"This new verpalin® PE based carrier strap is attached to a PE shrink film and replaces the previous PPpaper composite. It thus helps overcome the key issue of flexible beverage packaging recycling."





Product protection category

Onco Line Reusable System OL 15l

Storopack Deutschland GmbH + Co. KG (Germany) with « Onco Line Reusable System OL 15l »

"A specialized solution for the medical sector to meet the needs of highly sensitive applications. The use of Phase Change Material that allows for more efficiency in clinics is combined with low packaging weight, reusability and a removable lining for simple and effective cleaning. »

Social benefit category

rPET Big Bag
Boxon GmbH (Germany) with « rPET Big Bag »

"The Boxon Big Bag is a great example on how packaging can help provide local business and waste solutions. It is produced from 96% rPET collected in Indonesia, where no formal waste collect system is in place. Recycling and production are taking place locally creating employment opportunities as well as reducing CO2-emissions caused by transport."


ETS Bernhardt et Cie (France) with « SolarSack »

"The Solarsack from Bernardt takes packaging technology to a new level: it helps provide clean water in developing countries, refugee camps and other areas without access to drinking water. It is reusable up to 500times allowing to purify 2000l of water per bag."


Save food category

PE based carrier strip
Südpack Verpackungen GmbH & Co. KG (Germany) with « Multipeel Pure PP »

"The PurePP from Südpack is a great example how food packaging that provides protection as well as resealability can be recyclable and sustainable through weight reduction at the same time."


Special award

The Box LivingPackets
Storopack (France) with « The Box LivingPackets »

"The special price of the Jury awards a promising start-up set out to revolutionize the world of Ecommerce. THE BOX by LivingPackets is reusable, refurnishable, recyclable and provides smart technology through E-ink display, sensors and an internet connection."


Attend the award ceremony on Tuesday 24 November 2020 at ALL4PACK Emballage Paris at Paris Nord Villepinte.

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