The Packaging and intralogistics sector mobilises its forces!

The packaging and intralogistics sector is adapting its activity to enable the production and supply of useful products to continue uninterrupted. Beyond the need to simply reassert the importance and resilience of the supply chain, companies are taking initiatives to support the community and give a tangible boost to the everyday lives of carers and people in lockdown.

ALL4PACK salutes the sector’s companies for their exceptional mobilisation and their contribution to the national effort!

BARDET, from packaging to FFP2 and FFP1 masks

The packaging manufacturer BARDET is developing a production line to make face protection masks for use by healthcare staff and the general public. Within a few weeks, the firm based in the Seine-et-Marne department (the first in the department to produce masks) will be capable of manufacturing 2 million units per month. 

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DS SMITH distributes cardboard models to children in lockdown

A market leader in cardboard packaging, DS SMITH started producing cardboard cut-out models on 10 April: 100,000 cardboard helicopters and aeroplane kits were dispatched from the factory in the Oise department and were distributed free of charge all over France to keep children busy during the school holidays. This is not a first for the company: this type of toy has already been produced in the past for its employees.

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HELLOMOOV’ converts it handling machine into a disinfection robot 

The goods handling specialist group HELLOMOOV’ worked on an adaptation of an innovation unveiled in March to play its part in fighting the spread of the virus: a goods handling robot, originally designed to carry parts in factories, and converted into a cleaning robot. RED (for Robot Expert in Disinfection) is capable of disinfecting 100 sqm per minute. The SME also offers isolation chambers for hospitals.

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JPJ MOUSSE working with law enforcement authorities 

A regular supplier to many sectors, JPJ MOUSSE has reorganised its entire production line around almost a single product: a foam anti-spray visor. Developed at the request of the French defence procurement department DGA, this visor is to be used by law enforcement personnel to prevent contamination by the virus. As output has been sufficient, the product is also being sold in small quantities to companies, for example in supermarkets.  

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POSSON: a new everyday business with the production of mask packaging 

At POSSON, the production of packaging for protection masks is nothing new, but the company is running at unprecedented output levels. Unable to return home, the factory director Sylvie Casenave-Péré has seen her everyday life entirely refocussing on the high-speed operation of her production line.

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The packaging industry turns its hand to gowns

PROMOPLAST and SPHERE, two leading names in the plastic packaging industry, have begun making personal protective equipment for hospitals.


PROMOPLAST, an SME specialising in promotional materials and paper and plastic bags, responded to an appeal from the Châteaubriant Nozay Pouancé hospital to make up for their shortfall in gowns. The firm has reorganised its production line and dedicated a machine to making 100,000 disposable gowns and protective sleeves.

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Meanwhile, SPHERE, a major market player in the manufacture of dustbin liners and food contact film, has directed the resources of three of its eight factories to make disposable gowns, developed by its engineers, to fulfil an order from the Paris region hospital authority AP-HP. Weekly output is set to reach 1.5 million units in the next two weeks and the gowns will be sent out to large hospitals in the north and east of France first, then to the rest of the country. 

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THANKS to all of them for their work!