How is packaging perceived in France?

French people increasingly demand packaging that it is safe and secure and kinder to the environment. These are the findings that emerged from the IFOP survey conducted for ALL4PACK Emballage Paris in May 2020.

The essential role of packaging

There are many sectors that rely on packaging for the distribution and consumption of products or services (food industry, medical, e-commerce, etc.).

With health and safety worries currently at the top of the public agenda, the very purpose of packaging has come into sharp focus during the lockdown. On 19 March, the French Prime Minister, Edouard Philippe, reminded Parliament of the strategic role of the packaging sector: "(…) when you no longer have this packaging facility, you find yourself in a situation where you can no longer prepare the way in which foodstuffs, masks or medicines are distributed. This therefore puts you in an extremely perilous material situation."

Indeed, 6 French people in 10 consider packaging to be extremely or very useful, with a clear proportion (66%) of seniors aged over 65 sharing this opinion. 60% of those polled, however, declared their preference for products with less packaging, even in the light of the health crisis.

The future of packaging and its reinvention

Manufacturers are therefore being incited to keep on developing the design of their packaging. A large majority of the French population (61%) consider that the efforts made in this regard are inadequate. This statistic brings to light a lack of awareness about innovations on the part of the general public and a lack of communication regarding the actions undertaken by the manufacturers themselves.

Consumers want packaging that is at once reusable, recyclable, kinder to the environment, but also which is suited to an ageing population (i.e.: easier to open, to use, etc.).

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