ALL4PACK Innovation is now part of the WorldStar Packaging Awards


ALL4PACK Innovation, the ALL4PACK Paris competition rewarding its exhibitors’ most innovative products, has joined the World Packaging Organisation’s WorldStar Packaging Awards.

The organisation is committed to educating people about the value that packaging adds to Society. The Awards were created in this aim, encouraging innovation in the packaging sector.


The WorldStar Packaging Awards: key facts

  • More than 300 entries each year
  • More than 30 countries
  • An award for each winner
  • An internationally- acknowledged distinction
  • Enhanced promotion, recognition and visibility at international level


  • Beverages
    Packaging for liquid or dry tea, coffee, wine, water, etc.
  • Electronics
    Packaging of all electrical items
  • Food
    Fresh, frozen dried or other
  • Health & Personal Care
    Cosmetics, perfumes, toiletries, etc.
  • Household
    Toys, clothing, decorating, gardening, etc.
  • Labelling and Decoration
    Markings, etching, labels, etc. designed to improve the pack’s appearance or create a function
  • Luxury
    High-end products
  • Point of Sale
    End-of-aisle display units
  • Transit
    Industrial and distribution packaging
  • Medical & pharmaceutical
    Over-the-counter and prescription medicines, medical equipment
  • Other
    Miscellaneous packs not included in any other category.

Judging criteria

The packs entered are evaluated by a committee made up of representatives of international packaging associations and are judged on the following criteria:

  • Protection and preservation of contents
  • Ease of handling, filling, closing, opening and reclosing
  • Adequacy of information
  • Sales Appeal
  • Graphic Design
  • Quality of Production
  • Cost Reduction, economy of material
  • Environment compatibility - recyclability
  • Ingenuity of construction
  • Suitability for local conditions (production, materials, market, etc.)

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