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Packaging and logistics serving the circular economy

In France, the conversion to a circular economy is officially recognised as one of the goals of the energy and ecology transition.

Consequently, the Energy Transition for Green Growth Act passed on 18 August 2015 provides for a 10% reduction in the quantity of household and similar waste, a stabilisation in the quantity of waste from economic activity produced in 2020 compared with 2010 and, by 2025, the attainment of a 65% recycling rate for non-inert, non-hazardous waste (source : Ministry of Ecological Transition).

Quite logically therefore, packaging and logistics market players have been taking steps for many years, alongside their retail and manufacturing clients, to reduce waste, preserve resources and develop more sustainable practices for the benefit of the environment. Whether in solutions, materials or processes, many levers have been activated to reach these goals. Here are a few figures and examples of noteworthy initiatives.

Packaging and logistics serving the circular economy

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