Discover KHS InnoPET iflex automated line changeovers

KHS lauches its new InnoPET iflex, a modular automation concept.

With the number of SKUs continuously on the increase, many bottlers of water and soft drinks are calling for complete line changeovers that take just 30 minutes.

No time to loose: with its KHS InnoPET iflex the Dortmund systems supplier is coming ever closer to this goal!

No time to lose

Beverage producers today face a growing number of challenges, particularly regarding the filling and packaging of their products.

Consumers are becoming ever more environmentally aware and demanding ‘green’ packaging that has as little impact on the climate as possible while expecting this to be convenient, safe and inexpensive.

End users also want to be able to choose from an increasingly diverse range of beverages and packaging styles.

The resulting constant rise in item variety means that beverage producers need to frequently changeover their lines.

This naturally affects the overall equipment efficiency (OEE)1 and often costs them lots of time and money – and this against a background of increasing regulation and growing economic pressure.

This is where KHS comes in with its new InnoPET iflex, a modular automation concept that has initially been developed for PET lines with a large number of SKUs.


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