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Logistics and packaging: the “green revolution” at the heart of the trade show ALL4PACK Paris 2020

A new edition of ALL4PACK Emballage Paris, the essential meeting for the packaging and intralogistics ecosystem, will take place from 23 to 26 November 2020. This will be an opportunity to reveal how these sectors have displayed their resilience through the crisis and to discover the latest sustainable innovations and solutions from more than 1,000 exhibitors and brands in attendance this year.

Logistics and packaging: united against the crisis

With many sectors (health, pharma, food, e-commerce etc) seeing their business rocketing and their organisation placed under pressure exerted by the COVID-19 crisis to maintain the supply of basic necessities to the French population, logistics doubled down in agility and efficiency to support them, in so doing, proving its crucial role in the smooth operation of the French economy. Today, the logistics sector is reshaping itself, protecting and rewarding its people in view of a growing shortfall in labour, while also redesigning its processes for greater resilience and durability.

This sector, just like packaging, is also in perpetual search of excellence. These two areas, closely connected through the importance of intralogistics in the packaging value chain, also share common ground in economic and environmental matters. This is illustrated by many synergies such as the optimisation of loading plans, the reduction of volumes and void space in parcels through the use of bespoke packaging and automated solutions, and the development of recyclable material or reusable packaging for deliveries, as exemplified by The Box, a patented innovation by the start-up Living Packets which will once again be among the show’s exhibitors.

Sustainability and innovation at the heart of the logistics revolution

Day in and day out, the industry’s professionals thus work on creating packaging that combines technological innovation and an environmentally-aware approach at the heart of optimised logistics. This is why eco-design and its many issues will lie at the centre of the new ALL4PACK 2020 edition. As actors in a revolution towards optimised, innovative and sustainable processes, the wide array of exhibitors in attendance this year will, through their solutions, shine a spotlight on sustainability.

Sharing a commitment, alongside manufacturers and citizens to reach, in France and Europe, 100% reusable, recyclable or compostable packaging by 2025, packaging and logistics stakeholders are relentlessly improving their practices and tools. These developments for the benefit of their customers, manufacturers and retailers, are entrenched for the long term in the formulation of packaging and intralogistics solutions.

Dialogue and talks dedicated to intralogistics issues

Matters relating to intralogistics will lie at the centre of the discussions and insight developed at the show with a dedicated special feature and two specific talks:

  • Void fill, a shared challenge, Monday 23 November at 15:30
  • Logistics: connected new technologies, Wednesday25 November at 15:30

The presence of leading names in the sector such as Savoye, HMi-MBS, Electroclass, Apollo Logistic Systems and B2A Technology will bring additional insight to discussions on this theme.

Furthermore, among the companies from the logistics – intralogistics – handling sector, first-time exhibitors will include ACZ, CMC SRL, RANPAK BV and TDM AUTOMATION, who will be showing alongside regulars such as BOPLAN, EBERLE, HANGCHA, JOULIN, KALLFASS, MANUT-LM, SOCO SYSTEM SA, TOSA, TRIAX, and many more!

As the only sizeable event to be going ahead in its physical format this year, ALL4PACK thus stands out as a unique opportunity to exchange with all the professionals in attendance and share experience around the intralogistics and packaging solutions that will shape the future.

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