ALL4PACK Paris 2018 confirms that packaging has begun its revolution!

Market change driven by regulatory and environmental requirements, the new needs of B2B and consumer omnichannel trade and the opportunities arising from industry 4.0 were among the many topical issues addressed from 26 to 29 November.

For its 2018 edition, ALL4PACK Paris laid on an extensive array of show features and a content-rich programme which further enhanced the dynamism of meetings between exhibitors and visitors. This edition received positive reviews for the quality of its presentation and more particularly in terms of the professionals in attendance, with their planned projects and investments. The 1,100 Business Meetings between order principals and exhibitors organised by the exhibition, compared with 500 appointments in 2016, helped to foster tangible commercial relationships.

In figures, ALL4PACK Paris 2018 drew a total of 79,000 professionals, in line with its forecasts, including 1,350 exhibitors and their teams.

The show welcomed a sizeable international visitor contingent during the first two days, with nearly 35% of visitors from abroad, 21% of whom from Africa. A total of more than 60 countries were represented, together with foreign delegations from nations that included Cuba, Germany, Israel, Japan, Taiwan and Turkey.

With regard to French visitors, 35% came from the Paris region and 65% from the regions.


The programme of talks and round tables, purposefully more selective this year with 25 talks and more than 80 speakers, addressed leading issues faced by the industry today and looking towards the future. Taking place before a packed auditorium, these talks included: 

  • A presentation of the double European survey conducted by ALL4PACK and its white paper “Packaging ready for its revolution”; 
  • The Awards ceremony of Pack The Future, Sustainable Plastic Packaging Award 2018, coordinated by Elipso, the French plastic and flexible packaging association, and its German counterpart Industrievereinigung Kunststoffverpackungen e.V. (IK);
  • The latest innovations in plastic and flexible packaging (European competition Pack The Future);
  • The packaging of the future: Pack Odyssey, the recycling of packaging of the future, specific issues for plastics;
  • Sustainable packaging: fulfilling consumer expectations.

Interviews with speakers can be viewed on YouTube


The wider vision of innovation proposed by the Creative Lounge fulfilled its role of providing insight and inspiration with the various selections displayed: ALL4PACK Innovation Awards, the SIAL Innovation selection, the finalists of De Gouden Noot, the winners of Pack The Future and the exhibition’s partner in creativity, CREAPILLS, with its product selection and videos. This exclusive new area brought to life the exhibition’s signature: “Share your creativity!”

A blast of energy with the new Startups Lab!

Sixteen start-ups exhibited on this space, with each of them taking advantage of opportunities to pitch their products and solutions and more importantly make new connections with decision makers in the packaging and intralogistics ecosystem. Immediate feedback from these firms were highly positive. These pitches can be seen on the exhibition’s YouTube channel.

Another premiere for ALLPACK Paris 2018 was the organisation of the 22nd edition of the international polyethylene terephthalate (PET) summit, held in Paris for the first time. The issues addressed ranged from the circular and supportive economy to eco-design and technical developments in thermoforming and pre-stretching. From suppliers of raw materials and recyclers to packaging manufacturers and clients, the PETnology European Conference gathered together all the stakeholders in the sector. There was very positive feedback from organisers Barbara and Otto Appel and attendees.

Another telling indicator of the quality of the event: 200 exhibitors have already reserved their stand for the next edition.


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