1. Exhibitor's area

How do I access my Exhibitor Area? Fermer

To connect to your personal space, you must have your login (registration e-mail address) and your password ( sent by e-mail at the opening of the platform).

I lost/forgot my login/password of my exhibitor area. How do I get it back ? Fermer

Access codes to your exhibitor section will no longer be sent to you by email. If you lost your password, enter your login and click on "Password forgotten". A new password will automatically be sent to you by email. Don't forget to add the email: [email protected] to your address book.

2. Exhibitor registration

Individual companies: You wish to share your stand with one or more companies Fermer

You must have subscribed to a Partner Business Pack when you register. Otherwise, you can order a partner pack in the online shop from your exhibitor area.

To declare them, you can go to the "Partners" tab and then to "Declare my partners".

3. My booth and equipment

Where can I find the architectural regulations? Fermer

You can find the he architectural regulations are available in your exhibitor area, in the "Practical Information" section.

I have a bare stand: Who do I send my layout to? Fermer

If you have a bare stand, you must send your plan to the following address before 09 October 2020: [email protected].

How do I declare a decorator? Fermer

The decorators' declaration can be made through your Exhibitor Area, under "My account" then "My decorators".

I have an equipped booth, who do I send my plan to? Fermer

If you have an equipped stand, the service provider will contact you directly.

Bare stands: How do I order my equipment? Fermer

For bare stands you can order your equipment in the online shop.

I will have a machine running on my stand, what should I do? Fermer

You must complete the online form Machine in operation (one form per machine).

This form allows to :

  • Accompany you during the installation of your machine.
  • Give the necessary information to the safety officer who will come to check that your installation complies with the show's safety regulations.
  • Passing on information to the visitors of the show, within the framework of a "machines in operation" tour specially created to encourage them to come to your stand to attend your machine demonstrations.

4. Badges

How many exhibitor badges am I entitled to? Fermer

The quota of badges allocated to exhibitors is 1 badge/3m². Please note that for the pavilions, the total quota includes the quota of co-exhibitors and it is therefore up to the organizing exhibitor to dispatch them.

How do I retrieve my exhibitor badges? Fermer

You can edit and download your exhibitor badges from your exhibitor area. Please note that you will need a unique email address for each badge to be edited. Once created, you will be able to download them individually or as a whole in PDF format.

How do I personalize my exhibitor badges? Fermer

You must personalize them in your exhibitor area in the tab and heading " Badges & Invitations > Exhibitor badges " or by clicking on the button in the " Home " tab.

How do I order my supplier badges? Fermer

You can order your supplier badges from your exhibitor section. There is no limited quota. Please note that supplier badges only give access to the show during the assembling and dismantling periods. Access will be refused during the opening days of the show.

5. Invitations

How to get invitations for my guests? Fermer

When you registered, you chose a business pack (one, plus or first) which includes a quota of paper invitations according to the surface area of your stand.

100 invitations for stands < 100 m2 or 200 invitations for stands > 100 m2

You also have e-invitations at your disposal.

Where will I receive paper invitations? Fermer

You will receive them at the postal address indicated when you registered.

To change your delivery address, please contact our customer service.

How do I use my e-invitations? Fermer

In your Exhibitor Area, in the "Communication" section, you will soon be able to access your e-invitations and send them by e-mail to your customers.

6. Communication / Catalogue

How to register in the Catalogue? Fermer

You will soon be able to register for the catalogue from your Exhibitor Area. You will receive all the information as soon as you have paid the first deposit.

Where can I download my customised banner? Fermer

You can create your customised banners with the help of our tool: https://all4pack-2020.mediakit.cc/en

7. Mobile app

When can I download the ALL4PACK application? Fermer

The new ALL4PACK mobile application will be available from October 2020. To be informed about the availability of the application do not hesitate to subscribe to our newsletter or to follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram or Twitter.

How do I use the matchmaking service? Fermer

From October 2020, you will be able to access the matchmaking service from the ALL4PACK mobile application. Our matchmaking solution will put you in touch with relevant profiles by offering you personalised recommendations according to your expectations and needs.

8. Orders & Invoices

I have not received my invoice Fermer

You can find it on your exhibitor section in "Financial area > Invoices and payment". If you do not see it, it means that it has not yet been sent to you and will be sent to you as soon as possible by our invoicing department. If you are not the one paying, then you will not have access to the invoices and we advise you to contact directly the company in charge of the payment of your participation.

Where to consult my orders? Fermer

You can view all your orders in your Customer Area in the tab and section "Financial Zone> Orders and or > Items ordered".

Where to find ALL4PACK's bank details? Fermer

You will find the ALL4PACK bank details at the bottom of your invoices.

9. Installation / dismantling

What are the installation and dismantling dates? Fermer

The dates and times of installation / dismantling of ALL4PACK are available in your Exhibitor Area as well as in your exhibitor's guide.

How can I order installation/disassembly badges for my service providers and subcontractors? Fermer

The installation/disassembly badges for your service providers and subcontractors are non-nominative and will be available at the entrance to the halls from the start of installation. They will be distributed by the security service set up by the organiser. They are not valid during the period of opening to the public from Monday 23rd to Thursday 26th November 2020.

I have a logistical question. Who can I get in touch with ? Fermer

For all logistical questions, please consult our exhibitor's guide. If you can't find the answer to your question, please do not hesitate to contact our team by e-mail via the following address: [email protected].

10. Access to the Exhibition Center

When can I order my technical services (furniture, electricity, ...)? Fermer

Technical orders will be available from 31 May 2020 on your exhibitor area.

Where should I have my equipment delivered? Fermer

Please indicate the following address:
ALL4PACK 2020 - Parc des expositions Paris Nord Villepinte
Company name :
Booth number
Name of local contact and mobile phone number

WARNING, delivery and reception are carried out under the responsibility of the exhibitor and in his presence on the stand. The Paris Nord Villepinte Exhibition Centre or the organiser cannot be held liable in any way whatsoever.

11. Accommodation

Do you have any hotel recommendations for me? Fermer

To consult the accommodation offers proposed by B-Network, the official hotel reservation centre for the show and benefit from a preferential rate for your hotel reservation click here