The packaging outlook and trends for the cosmetic industry, by L'Oréal

Philippe Bonningue, Sustainable Packaging & Development Director, Pierre-Gilles Bouvier, Innovation Packaging Director and Philippe Thuvien, Packaging & Development Director at L'Oréal answer to ALLPACK Paris' questions and gives an outlook on the latest trends on packaging within the cosmetics sector.


PCould you present us the challenges of sustainability, innovation and business within the packaging universe?

The packaging sector carries 3 ambitions : sustainability, innovation, and business ; knowing that sometimes, they are not converging.

The existing business models must evolve to combine an increased consumer benefit through an optimized service, a reduced economic equation, a favorable multi-criteria environmental footprint, and an increased perceived value. The consumer will be an actor to re-fill or recycle; We must therefore design 'pleasure' packaging to offer an experience that meets its expectations.

For you, what is the current main innovation in packaging for the beauty sector?

The packaging innovation is today a key actor for the sustainable development challenges. Indeed, in order to reduce the environmental impact from our packaging, innovation is a "blue ocean" for our teams. Until recent years, cosmetics were mainly using single use packaging; today, the challenge is to make them adapt for multi uses, rechargeable and re-refillable. 

This is a goal that we have in all product categories, and in particular for the makeup category, whose environmental impact of packaging is important.

At L'Oréal, these "multi-uses" innovations complete of course the initiatives to reduce the consumption of resources (pkg materials, process), to eliminate unnecessary packaging, or to use a maximum of recycled materials (PCR), thus forming part of a very ambitious Responsible Packaging strategy; for example, to use 40% of PET PCR by the end of 2020.

Does creativity have a place in your professions? If so, which novelty do you find most creative today?

Not only creativity belongs to our development and packaging businesses, but holds a key place.

Some recent examples :

  • Garnier Aéosols (Neo deodorant, Solar amber, ...): a circular aerosol spraying system in the form of 2 interlocking rings, large diameter, allowing an unparalleled soft mist, optimal ergonomics and sensoriality (10 L'Oréal patents)
  • Patch UV by La Roche Posay
     : a patch able to measure the UV doses stored by the consumer's skin in the sun, and to remind him of the appropriate protection via an application specially developed to follow the evolution of his solar capital
  • Lancome FusioDrop
     : a technical and visual design, allowing to release at the last moment, the asset in the formula. The transparent pipette, diffused during the ergonomic and easy operation by the consumer, the active within the formula contained in the bottle, for a maximum of 'freshness' and efficiency.

In the coming years, what trend do you see emerging in your sector?

The personnalization of the product and its packaging for a customer for an ever more demanding consumer is a real trend in cosmetics, as elsewhere.

The requirement of the consumer includes the need for a product ever more respectful of the environment and responsible, at the right cost and personalized. Only a winning mix of these 3 trends will satisfy the consumer.

A fovorite for an engaging and committed idea in your sector ?

The use of recycled material, for its profits on the circular economy, on the consumption of resources, is a real direction for the cosmetics sector, and a real strategy for L'Oréal. The limits of the use of recycled materials, when available, are color or aesthetic variations.

In order to overcome this constraint, L'Oréal has teamed up with Carbios to create a consortium to promote and develop enzymatic bio-recycling. This process will make it possible to obtain a food-grade recycled material, like all recycled or virgin plastics used by L'Oréal.

How ALL4PACK Paris manages to mix this need for creativity while having a business focus, especially on your sector?

At ALL4PACK Paris, the exhibitors and speakers manage to present creative ideas, realistic and even launched. It is this concern for operationality that gives ALL4PACK Paris the business advantage it is looking for.

How ALL4PACK Paris is an answer to your challenges?

The diversity of exhibitor domains, on an international scale, all along the packaging chain (from the material to the final object), allows the visitor of ALL4PACK Paris to find a maximum of answers to the issues to which it is subjected, and to facilitate the implementation in his business.

Philippe Bonningue

Global Director of Sustainable Packaging and Development - L'OREAL

Pierre-Gilles Bouvier

Innovation Packaging Director

Philippe Thuvien

Packaging & Development Director

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