10 creative Christmas Packagings for your Inspiration

Christmas is also a real business opportunity for companies that want to attract consumers attention. And among the various actions implemented, we find creative Christmas packagings.

Forget the conventional packaging that you see in stores, today we show the best packagings made for Christmas. Whether real or conceptual, these packagings prove the effectiveness and communication power of a good packaging idea.

A bench of 10 Christmas packagings that we invite you to discover in partnership with Creapills, the media of creative ideas.

1. The « Fir Forest » Tea Box

Credits : Kresimir Miloloza

In Austria, Kresimir Miloloza has designed a very creative tea box. For Holidays, the artist has imagined a tea box with a shape of a fir forest. Each fir contains two tea bags to hang of your cup of tea. Perfect to share a hot drink at the end of your family meals.

2. The Coke Bottle in Shape of a Christmas Ornaments

Credits : Olga Zambrano

In Mexico, Olga Zambrano has designed a fun Christmas packaging for Coke. For Christmas, she had the idea to turn the iconic bottle into a Christmas ornament. You can hang it on your Christmas tree as an ornament once it’s consumed. Too bad… it’s just a concept.

3. The Baguette in Shape of Santa Claus

Credits : Lo Siento

The simplest ideas are often the best! In Barcelona, the creative studio Lo Siento has designed a creative packaging for the baker Xevi Ramon. The classic paper wrapping of the baguette illustrates the character David the Gnome (who reminds Santa Claus), and the headland of bread which overtakes… his hat! The kind of idea which seems obvious when we discovered her!

4. The Christmas « Origami Packaging »

Credits : Peggy Loh / Yiokei Tay

In Malaysia, Peggy Loh and Yiokei Tay were inspired by origamis to imagine a creative packaging to market grocery products. When the packaging is closed, it illustrates a classic Christmas scene. But once opened, it creates a different folding to transform him into display stand with products … with the shape of Santa Claus!

5. Fairy Lights Packaging in the Shape of Fir Tree

Credits : Audrey Wells

Regarding creative packaging for Christmas, we love this concept designed by Audrey Wells, a student from Quebec. To market fairy lights, she had the idea to design a Christmas packaging in the shape of Christmas tree. Very effective to illustrate the utility of the product!

6. The Bottle in the Shape of Christmas Sprite

Credits : Ryanna Christianson

No, it’s not Santa Claus! The « nisse « is a legendary creature of the Scandinavian folkore, which we can compare to the sprite. In the United States, Ryanna Christianson is a design student which imagined this original packaging of beer. It’s a tribute to these strange creatures in a esthetic and funny way.

7. The Can which Transforms you into Snowman

Credits : DDVB

In Russia, DDVB, a creative agency, and original idea for Christmas Holidays. For a beer brand, the agency simply designed a can with a picture of carrot. The objective: disguises as snowman with a nose which changes the traditional carrot.

8. The Personalized Packagings for Christmas

Credits : Oreo

Customization has always been a powerful argument in marketing. For Christmas, Oreo imagined an original and creative packaging for its biscuits. The customers have access to an on-line interface which allows them to color the packagings as they please. Then, the customers can offer them to their close friends and family.

9. The Chocolats Box to Be Shared with your Friends and Family

In the USA, Godiva brand and McCANN agency have created an original chocolates box for Christmas. It contains several boxes, in the style of Matriochka Russian dolls, to share them with your close friends and family. When you open a box, you find it two others inside: one to keep and one to offer. A brilliant initiative which revolutionizes the share … but it’s not ecology.

10. The Packaging which Interacts with the Beard of Santa Claus

Credits : Sukhveer S Shekhawat

We end this bench with a very cute idea of packaging imagined by Sukhveer S Shekhawat. This designer imagined, for a fake pop corn brand, a creative Christmas packaging which interacts with the beard of Santa Claus. The packaging is transparent and the corn pop inside colors the beard … Simple and effective!

BONUS : The Gift Wrap for Burgers Lovers

Credits : Sarah Fay / Justin Colt

We wished to present you this absolutely unusual gift wrap invented in New York by Sarah Fay and Justin Colt. These two designers simply have created for Christmas gifts wraps for the burgers lovers. Every paper illustrates a different ingredient (bread, meat, cheese, lettuce, tomato) and by piling correctly presents, we can reproduce the appearance of a real burger …

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