5 amazing robots that allow parcels to arrive more quickly at customers home

In collaboration with Creapills, ALL4PACK Paris invites you to discover the world of connected logistics with these 5 robots that allow your parcels to arrive faster at home. Internet is changing ... logistics too!

As of today, web has become one of the preferred modes of consumption. We usually go to e-commerce websites, like Amazon, to buy products and be delivered at home.

But in fact, there is a job that the end consumer does not necessarily see: it’s all the logistics necessary for the delivery of parcels and the preparation of orders. Ongoing work that requires the efficient and productive logistics of inventory and shipment management. Fortunately, there are now many innovations that aim to simplify the daily lives of industrialists, like the innovative robots that we are going to present today that can save a considerable time.

In collaboration with Creapills, we invite you to discover a series of innovations that are revolutionizing the world of logistics and order picking. Because the race for delivery is such an issue today that it is necessary to innovate and rely on technology to work for customer satisfaction.

1. Skypod: the robot that navigates in 3D between shelves

The French company Exotec Solutions has created Skypod, a small robot literally navigating between shelves. Skypod is a small robot designed to carry bins containing articles. Its particularity is to be able to navigate the warehouse without requiring a guiding infrastructure. In short, he is able to climb the shelves alone to recover the products. Designed to optimize time and handling, this small robot is able to pack 400 packages in one hour.

More information on the website of Exotec Solutions.

2. Kiva: Amazon's robot that carries the shelves

Wondering how Amazon does to deliver parcels so fast? His solution is surely in two words: Amazon Robotics. This special division manages the logistics of Amazon thanks to Kiva, an innovative robot saves considerable time. It has the distinction of literally carrying shelves where are stored products to deliver. The principle is very simple: when a product is purchased, the robot starts, retrieves the shelf and brings the product directly to the handler in charge of order preparation. In the USA, tens of thousands of robots are equipping Amazon's warehouses. The company Kiva Systems, behind this innovation, was bought by Amazon in 2012 for $ 777 million.

More information on the website of Amazon Robotics.

3. Celluveyor: the robotic conveyor that goes in all directions

Celluveyor is an absolutely ingenious robot which revolutionizes the daily life of the manuals. Conceived in Germany, this robot is present on a round, with a massively very particular. So, as the carpet just slides products in one direction, the Celluveyor is equipped with several wheels that will allow you to choose the direction in real time. Thanks to a dedicated application, you can change the orientation of the conveyor in one click on the touch screen. Genius!

More information on the website of Celluveyor.

4. Ocado: Automated robots that manage a 100% connected warehouse

In the UK, the supermarket chain Ocado has unveiled a new kind of futuristic warehouse. And just visual level, the idea inevitably attracts our attention. Ocado is managed by automated robots, thousands of them evolve on a grid that looks like lines of pixels. Each storage space contains a range of products that the robot will be able to recover with ease by sliding along the grids. All robots make 65,000 orders per week, and if you asked the question, they manage not to hit during their travels through a 4G network that keeps all this interconnected system.

More information on the website of The Verge.

5. AGV WEASEL: the "taxi" robot that drives the products

Even robots are entitled to their taxi. Designed by SSI Schäfer, AGV WEASEL is a small robot specially designed to facilitate the transport of products from one treadmill to another in a warehouse. It can also be used for moving from one storage box to another ... As you can see, it is used for any type of transfer. AGV WEASEL is the perfect little taxi that ensures the transport of your goods. And best of all, it can be used manually or fully automated. A faithful companion that saves considerable time in the warehouse.

More information on the website of SSI Schäfer.

BONUS: The future of warehouse

We end this selection this idea of what could be the connected warehouse of the future. In China to, we want to show you this concept imagined by JD.com (one of the largest e-commerce companies in the country). With nearly 300 million customers worldwide, JD.com has many warehouses, and like all e-commerce giants, the company needs to streamline its logistics and save time in order picking. This concept shows us a "warehouse of the future" where the whole chain is fully automated and connected without any human intervention ... And if that was the future?

We have presented here various innovative robots that revolutionize logistics and order preparation to allow parcels to arrive more quickly at customers home.

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