The exclusive results of the double European survey launched by ALL4PACK Paris 2018: packaging at the dawn of its revolution

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As has repeatedly been illustrated by the research conducted for many years by the international exhibition for packaging and intralogistics ALL4PACK Paris, “Packaging is the mirror image of our society.”

Packaging today constantly readjusts and reshapes to fulfill the expectations of consumers and meet the concerns of contemporary society, such as: awareness of environmental issues, the fight against waste, the impact of products on health, the guarantee of fool-proof safety and security, etc.

But let’s take a look even further. What could packaging be like by 2050?

Four changes in society that will drive change in packaging

This report written by Fabrice Peltier, Designer and consultant for ALL4PACK Paris 2018, offers an analysis of the contributions of the designers, together with insight from its author. It defines the four challenges for society that lie ahead for the European population, and more broadly for the human race, in the coming thirty years and aims to help readers gain a better understanding of the type of revolution that awaits the packaging of the 21st-century.

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Four major challenges that will transform how we live and drive change in packaging:

  • Population ageing,
  • Resource depletion,
  • Development of artificial intelligence in all areas,
  • Increased mobility with autonomous vehicles, and as far into space.

Download the survey presentation by Fabrice Peltier

European designers interviewed: 

Our first step was to find out the point of view of people who design packaging in their everyday lives. In association with the EPDA (European Brand and Packaging Design Association), we surveyed 23 designers based in 16 different countries in July 2018 to find out their views and source their foresight in relation to these four changes in society. Without the collective and creative intelligence of the designers and experts who so willingly agreed to answer our questionnaire, this study would have been impossible to achieve.

The ALL4PACK Paris exhibition (COMEXPOSIUM group) and Fabrice Peltier offer their heartfelt thanks to:

  • ARCHITECTE-DESIGNER, Hicham Lahlou - Morocco
  • ARD DESIGN, Vincent Guignard - Switzerland
  • DEPOT WPF, Anna Lukanina - Russia
  • DESIGNKONTORET SILVER, André Hindersson - Sweden
  • DRAGON ROUGE, Delphine Cadoche - France
  • DRAGON ROUGE, Pawlik-Leniarska - Poland
  • EILKEN, Nicolas Eilken - Germany
  • FACTOR, Uwe Melichar - Germany
  • GÉNÉRAL EMBALLAGE, Samia Bouhkemia - Algeria
  • IDEÓLOGO, Pedro Álvarez - Spain
  • MONALISA, Cédric Winant - Belgium
  • ORV CONSULTANCY, Rob Vermeulen - Netherlands
  • PACKTEC, Khalil Lahdar - Tunisia
  • PACKTORY, Ali Ketani - Morocco
  • PACPROJECT, Carsten Busshoff - Germany
  • PARISTANBUL, Mehmet Çiftçi - Turkey
  • QUATRE MAINS, Joseph Robinson - Belgium
  • RBA DESIGN - Fabrizio Bernasconi – Italy
  • SCHAFFNER & CONZELMANN, Jean Jacques Schaffner - Switzerland
  • TEAM CRÉATIF, Sylvia Vitale-Rotta - France
  • TJARKS ET TJARKS, René du Toit - United Kingdom
  • VENDAS, Sami Chatti - Tunisia
  • WIN WIN DESIGN, Renne Angelvuo - Finland

Our special thanks go to Claudia Josephs, the General Manager of the European Brand & Packaging Association (EPDA) who coordinated the interviews of European designers, and Annette FREIDINGER-LEGAY, international packaging and filling expert and consultant for ALL4PACK Paris who coordinated the interviews of designers from North Africa. ALL4PACK Paris also thanks Fabrice Peltier for his support, his analysis of this double European survey and for the drafting of the resulting white paper. An exclusive and unpublished content created for the 2018 edition of ALL4PACK Paris.

© Research conducted in association with EPDA by Fabrice Peltier for ALL4PACK Paris–COMEXPOSIUM Group

European consumers surveyed:

Then, building on the learnings and proposals from these designers, we reached out to a panel of 8,253 consumers in six countries in partnership with YouGov: France, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Spain, Italy and Germany, to measure the likely avenues that will lead us, sometime around 2050, into the packaging revolution…

Download the European consumers survey

© Survey conducted by YouGov for ALL4PACK Paris–COMEXPOSIUM Group

About Fabrice Peltier

Designer consultant, Fabrice Peltier is recognized as a "design-packaging expert" who works for responsible packaging design, more sustainable. Over 30 years, it has created more than 12,000 consumer product packaging for SMEs and multinational companies. He regularly gives lectures and signs the packaging analyzes for Emballages Magazine since 20 years...
He is also the author of books dedicated to packaging design: L'Eau, source of innovations, La Boîte, solution for the future, Eco-design, virtuous paths, Art, creative exchanges and Limited edition, collection object published by Pyramyd. His latest book, Design for Dummies, edited by First, has become the "reference book" on design.

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