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Objective Zero Impact

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ALL4PACK Emballage Paris puts its commitment on show! With its Objective Zero Impact space, the show highlights initiatives with a positive impact and which encourage exchanges between stakeholders in the industry

A unique space central to the new positioning of ALL4PACK

This inaugural edition of OZI proclaims the ambition of ALL4PACK to become the international benchmark event for sustainable and responsible solutions in packaging, processing, printing and intralogistics. With its “Objective Zero Impact”, a unique hybrid event aspiring to be both exchange platform and think-tank, the exhibition proposes a specific arena for finding action solutions. Over the 4 days professionals will be able to seize this unique opportunity to meet, share, collaborate and manifest their commitment.

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Is responsible packaging a mere consumer dream? Ubiquitous innovation, but at what cost? Is “bulk” synonymous with zero-packaging? Will the new materials resolve the effects of zero impact? Is zero packaging a dream or a reality? What is zero impact anyway?

In a world in revolution, packaging and intralogistics professionals will find in this space solutions or possible responses to these questions, contributing in this way to more sustainable packaging.


Acting in the age of sustainability

Objective Zero Impact will bring together change stakeholders who propose innovative and agile solutions for packaging: new materials, reusable and connected containers, robot programming tools, etc.

ALL4PACK Emballage Paris should enable you to underpin the solutions that you already deploy, and should encourage the co-creation of new eco-responsible manufacturing, distribution and consumption solutions. Hence, 4 topics of commitment have been chosen to illustrate this flagship feature of the show:

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    “Made by eco-design”

Getting best value from more responsible, more transparent eco-design and from the know-how of the upstream stakeholders in the industry: from raw materials to the manufacturing of finished products, by way of materials and components.

  • “Recycling is beautiful”

Recycling, sorting, the choice of materials, and controlled, responsible consumption needs to be encouraged. Slow means less but better!

  • “Deposit refund”

The deposit refund market should also be hailed as a virtuous initiative.

  • “The future is now”

Combining Green Tech and packaging to accelerate transition through innovation and propose a different way of life.

Let us collectively devise the solutions of the future

Objective Zero Impact

Our role, and that of our exhibitors, is to underpin the existing solutions and encourage the co-creation of new eco-responsible manufacturing, distribution and consumer solutions. Objective: to provide you with the keys for generating today’s and tomorrow’s action solutions.

The “Objective Zero Impact” space will propose an unmissable programme that you will be able to discover shortly!