The industrial goods market

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You manufacture packaging and containers or process & packing machines for the industrial goods market? Come and meet a host of buyers and professionals from this sector at ALL4PACK.

The industrial goods market worldwide

Representing 16% of the world's GDP in 2017, the production of industrial goods remains a major pillar of the world economy, despite a clear and constant reduction in the quantities produced over recent years. On this strategic market, China continues to play a driving role, with 20% of the world's production: as much as continental America and only slightly less than Europe.  

The production of manufactured goods is, as in many sectors of activity, directly concerned by the digital revolution, while remaining affected by ecological transition. With increasingly automated chains of production and distribution, the challenge will henceforth be to reduce the ecological impact of machines that can operate for up to 24 hours a day, and more generally the impact of the modes of mass production. Digital tools, through their measurement, analysis and control capacities, are now central to market developments.

Industries in Europe in 2016

  • Turnover: 757,4 billion €
  • 3 230 592 companies
  • 30 million employees

Source: Eurostats

Manufacturing industries in France in 2017

  • Turnover : 908 billion € (10.1% of french GDP)
  • 437.5 billion € of global export
  • 2.8 million employees, 11% of total salaried employment (2018)
  • 216 000 companies

Source: DGE

The packaging and process & packing machines market in the service of the industrial goods sector at ALL4PACK

With chains of production sometimes spread across several countries, the processing and logistics of production goods (in particular all intermediate goods) represent a crucial challenge for adhering to production deadlines. 

Also, the exceptional dimensions of some of these products - factory machinery for example - make the packaging and logistics of these objects a true challenge.

For all these reasons, the packaging and process & packing machines professionals catering to the industrial goods market are constantly on the lookout for highly specific and innovative solutions that address the unique constraints with which they are faced. ALL4PACK is therefore an event not to be missed for meeting the companies that could offer you fresh perspectives.

In 2018, there were 74 companies from the industrial goods market exhibiting at ALL4PACK.

Come and join the exhibitors from the industrial goods field who have already signed up to ALL4PACK 2022: 

AUER PACKAGING GMBH (ALL) / CAIBA (ESP) / Carlos Sousa Indústria , Lda (POR) / EMS GROUP (ITA) / Fletcher European Containers Ltd (R-U) / NO-NAIL BOXES (LUX) / PACK UP (FRA) / PARNET (FRA) / Pôle Emballage Bois (FRA)  


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