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The agri-food sector

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Exhibit at ALL4PACK your specific, eco-responsible solutions dedicated to the agri-food market. 

The agri-food market worldwide

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The agri-food sector is currently undergoing major upheavals and is having to reinvent itself accordingly. The major transformations at play demand responses to the evolving social, economic and environmental contexts. Supply chains, distribution formats and food processes are at the core of the new approaches that need to be implemented in order to guarantee the future of food production.

Indeed, there is a growing strategic trend among consumers: they are both highly attentive to their food budgets and extremely concerned about the conditions of food production (industrial risks, environmental consequences, etc.) and the working conditions of employees. What preoccupies them more than anything is responsible and sustainable consumption, particularly against the backdrop of the social networks and the media coverage of the health scandals that serve as acceleration factors for this model.

Canned products

To move toward a cleaner economy, the French Government has determined guidelines and objectives affecting the companies in the sector. How to produce better? How to consume better? How to manage waste better? Eco-design is one of the answers on which the food industry companies are pinning their hopes. From production through to the recycling of packaging, the entire life cycle of products is concerned. Faced with these challenges, professionals are on the lookout for solutions and innovations that will revolutionise the market.

European food sector in 2018 

  • €1,109 billion of turnover
  • 4,57 million employees, leading employment sector in the EU
  • 294 000 companies
  • 1st industrial sector in the EU
  • €110 billion of export 

Source: Food and Drink Europe

French food sector in 2017 

  • Turnover: €180 billion (+3.9% versus 2016)
  • 17 647 companies (of which 98% very small companies and SMEs)
  • 429,079 direct jobs (+4,491 jobs versus 2016)
  • 4th global exporter, behind the USA, Germany and the Netherlands with 21% of turnover and €7.6 billion gross operating surplus (+4,6% versus 2016)

Source: ANIA

The packaging, containers and process & packing machines market in the service of the agri-food sector at ALL4PACK 

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In 2018, more than 160 exhibitors presented process & packing machine or packaging and container solutions dedicated to the agri-food market.

You too can put on show your made-to-measure solutions and innovations for a professional audience (buyers, product managers, logistics managers, R&D managers, etc.) by taking part in ALL4PACK INNOVATIONS. This will ensure that your products benefit from greater visibility, particularly in terms of press coverage. ALL4PACK offers a unique opportunity to stage demos! The 600 machines in operation throughout the show offer a great chance to demonstrate how your products can meet your customers' needs.

Join the many exhibitors whose target market is agri-food at ALL4PACK 2022:

3P France (FRA), AEGG LTD. (UK), Alimat Trembaly (FRA), Allplast Bangladesh LTD. (BGD), Ballyfabs International LTD. (IND), Baran Ambalaj Sanayi ve Ticaret AS. (TUR), Bastin-Pack NV (BEL), Bekuplast GMBH (GER), Boulanger SAS (FRA), Elin Packaging Machinery Co. LTD. (HKG), EPS (FRA), Glorytins (AUS), GMA Packaging Machinery (FRA), Goglio (ITA), Graficas Salaet SA (SPA), Hoegger Alpina France (FRA), Ipack SRL (ITA), Jong Poerink Coveyors (NDL), Lacroix Emballages (FRA), LFP (FRA), Pack Tec (EGY), Pizzato Elettrica (ITA), President Packaging IND. CORP. (TAI), Repaper (KOR), Wes Worldwilde Expo Services LTD. (CHIN), ...

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