3 questions to Walther Faltbox

Interview with Thomas Walther, Director of Walther Faltbox

Which is the major subject you are currently focusing on?

Promoting sustainable logistics has been one of WALTHER Faltsysteme's major objectives in the manufacture of reusable transport packaging for more than 40 years. From pioneers in the collapsible packing field, we have become experts in the creation of standard and tailor-made solutions based on the reduction of transport volumes and the optimisation of storage space. Innovation and continuous improvement are at the heart of the development of our reusable boxes and are supported by our R&D work. On the 2020 agenda, our efforts remain focused on sustainability but also on logistics 4.0 and our packaging is systematically adapted to automation and digitalization. Our capacity for innovation is not limited to containers. Indeed, we have just patented a brand new Roll-Container concept whose ergonomics, ease of use thanks to the automatic assembly/disassembly of the wire mesh sides and ultra-compact formula earned it the Pro-K 2020 innovation award. 

What is your strategy to answer the increasing demand from both the industries and the consumers, in terms of sustainable development / eco-design ?

Our reusable containers are environmentally friendly because they are tested and proven to last and are recycled at the end of their life. Our collapsible range with a reducible volume optimizes empty returns because fewer trucks and therefore fewer trips are required.

In addition, we are constantly increasing the proportion of regenerated PP in our manufacturing by ensuring the same standards of quality and resistance as for new plastic. As early as the development phase of a container, we think about the second life cycle of the product and design it in such a way as to simplify its recycling as much as possible. Promoting a complete circular economy is one of our priorities. This is why our GREENLINE range of containers is manufactured mainly from regenerated PP and is repeatedly recyclable.

We go one step further with the GREENLINE + foldable box, the very first box made from bio-sourced plastic, made from sunflower seed fibre, a by-product of oil production waste.

Why did you choose to take part in ALL4PACK 2020 ? / Which kind of decision makers do you meet there ?

As a company with an international outlook, our folding packaging is used all over the world. We also have a network of distributors in Europe and Japan. Nevertheless, France represents a key market with which we have maintained continuous business relations for more than 25 years and that is why we wanted to exhibit at ALL4PACK. Recognised as the reference exhibition in the packaging and intralogistics field, ALL4PACK is therefore the ideal platform to meet our key account customers, create new contacts and promote our know-how and expertise through our various ranges and innovations. Participating in the exhibition also gives us the opportunity to exchange with professionals from all sectors as well as logistics players and decision-makers in order to anticipate their needs and to steer our future developments in the direction of this evolution.

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