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Interview with Thierry Grassart, Sales director Northern and southern Europe

Which is the major subject you are currently focusing on?

Product diversification, consumer experience and sustainable development are trends that are currently influencing the packaging industry and consumer preferences worldwide. Sidel's new agile solutions and innovations tailored to the primary, secondary and tertiary packaging market enable producers to keep pace with these trends.

Sidel's offering includes the new Cermex EvoPack case packing platform: designed to meet the needs of retailers who want a reduced number of cases, it limits or even avoids repackaging activities - and therefore reduces waste. Another solution from Sidel is the M version of the CoboAccess_Pal cobotic palletiser, which provides up to 14 kg[1] of payload per case, with a significant reach of 1,700 mm - two important factors for palletising applications. In addition, Sidel offers sustainable and cost-effective "End-to-End" packaging innovations (from A to Z) that promote circular economy.

At ALL4PACK, we will be exhibiting a range of digital services designed to support our customers at every stage of their equipment lifecycle.

What is your strategy to answer the increasing demand from both the industries and the consumers, in terms of sustainable development / eco-design ?

Sustainable development is a clear priority for our planet. We understand the needs of our customers' markets, value chains and production, and we deploy our strong technical skills, intelligent data analysis and sustainable practices to ensure that equipment productivity is optimized over its lifetime.

Sidel has a long history of working with several industry leaders and leading associations to promote the unique properties of PET and develop designs that further reduce environmental impact, with a higher recycled content. Sidel actively supports this trend, as illustrated by some of its initiatives: promoting lighter weight, such as our recent X-LITE™ Still bottle dedicated to still water, guaranteeing 100% recyclability, making it easier for companies to convert to PET if they use less environmentally friendly packaging materials, and encouraging the use of recycled PET. In addition, Sidel is one of the signatories of the New Plastics Economy Global Commitment since 2019.

Why did you choose to take part in ALL4PACK 2020 ? / Which kind of decision makers do you meet there ?

We consider ALL4PACK to be the most important exhibition for packaging, processing, printing and logistics in France, which is one of Sidel's main markets. Not only can we present our innovations CoboAccess_Pal M and Cermex EvoPack, but also receive essential feedback from our customers on these solutions, which will enable us to maximize the potential of our investments. It is a success-oriented, pragmatic and dynamic exhibition. Brands, producers and contract processors can get a glimpse of what the future holds for the packaging sector and, in the case of Sidel, discover the new and exclusive solutions we are developing.

The exhibition provides an excellent platform to showcase our "Performance through Understanding" promise and the strategy behind it. We want to demonstrate the many benefits that our customers will enjoy with the comprehensive solutions and superior performance we offer over the entire lifecycle of the line.

[1]Excluding the gripping tool

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