3 questions to AEGG

Interview with Jamie Gorman Packaging Managing Director, AEGG

Which is the major subject you are currently focusing on?

As a specialist rigid food and drinks packaging company, we are currently focusing on all opportunities that are available to us, whether that is in recyclable plastic or glass.  For example, demand for our glass packaging ranges has grown hugely over the past year due to the recyclable nature of the products. As a result, we have created a new glass division, headed up by Pawel Wieczorek, and we are in the midst of increasing staffing levels as well as creating additional warehousing facilities.  Also, with our recently created export division, we are continuing to break into new overseas markets, assisting our potential partners in providing their food packaging solutions.

What is your strategy to answer the increasing demand from both the industries and the consumers, in terms of sustainable development / eco-design ?

There is significantly more demand for our recyclable products, including our PP, PET and glass food packaging. Aegg is continuing to monitor market demands and we have launched an ongoing strategic process termed ‘mindful packaging’. This falls within our wider desire to keep reducing our environmental footprint across all company activities, including materials, reducing resources and creating strategic partnerships.  Product innovation is critical and we are vigilant over changing attitudes to packaging.  We are conscious that we must make the right balanced decisions for the planet, for business and for consumers.

Why did you choose to take part in ALL4PACK Paris 2020 ? / Which kind of decision makers do you meet there ?

As a UK-based company, we choose to take part in ALL4PACK Paris 2020 as demand continues to grow from overseas customers for our rigid food and drink packaging solutions.  ALL4PACK Paris is the key overseas event for us to meet our ideal customers from Europe and beyond and is the perfect way of showcasing our different ranges to a varied and interested group of decision makers.  For example, with the upcoming French legislation on plastic packaging, we envisage our glass ranges will prove very popular.

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