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In the role of a true business incubator, ALL4PACK Startups Lab highlighted the entrepreneurial momentum of the packaging industry and showcased the innovations of young companies in the four key business areas of the show: Packaging, Processing, Printing, and Logistics.  

The participating startups

3D Click

3D Click is an agile prototyping and validation solution for packaging design through easy, economic and fast 3D Collaboration between Brands, Designers and Packaging Suppliers. 3D Click enables Packaging Suppliers automatically create their Catalogues in 3D and put them into disposal to their Salesforce and Brands. It accelerates by 5 their sales cycle thanks to an easy customisation of their packages. 3D Click enables Brands and Designers to reduce drastically errors and costs and improve their market/product fit. It enables teams to visualize and collaborate around packaging designs from the very early stage of the ideation phase, in 360, in real-time, with no 3D expertise and from anywhere in the world. They can automatically validate results at the POS worldwide through AR and/or 3D Printing and with consumers online in less than 4 hours. 3D Click allows for much faster and cheaper iterations until our customers get the product/market fit.

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ADBIOCOMPOSITES is a Technology-based Company dedicated to the development and commercial exploitation of biomaterials. ADBIOCOMPOSITES carries out the commercial exploitation of the patented-licensed new bioplastic material called BlockPLA™. BlockPLA™ is a compostable material and fulfil with the EU´s Strategy 2030 of plastics. BlockPLA™ is based on Polylactic Acid, PLA, and can be supplied in different grades: masterbatch or ready-to-use biopolymers. BlockPLA™ can be processed by the traditional processing techniques (Extrusion or Injection). BlockPLA™ offers multiple functional advantages such as higher barrier to oxygen, mechanical properties, tuneable transparency, and suitable for a food contact.
ADBIOCOMPOSITES has recently received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 SME instrument phase 1 & 2, and it had been awarded with an Honourable Mention in the “New Plastics Economy Innovation Prize 2017” of Ellen Macarthur Foundation.



In order to offer an alternative to single-use plastic, Do Eat offers packaging and edible and/or hyper compostable packaging. Made from potato and beer waste, our patented recipe is made from natural and edible products, making it unique, innovative and easy to use.

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Glancy 3D

Packaging is your silent salesman : his language is through visual stimulis, his mission is to boost your sales . Designing a visually attractive package is crucial in creating a successful product. Glancy 3D is the first computer vision artificial intelligence for packaging design assessment and optimisation. We will help you design eye catching products.

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M/S HARSOLIYA EXIM PRIVATE LIMITED was established by Shri Mahipal Harsoliya in 2016 and grown into a major multi product company having interest in printing, packaging and supply of tailor made or customized items. Since 2016, we also deal in Importing and Exporting of Machine and tools. The company has acquired high proficiency in the business of printing and Packaging and is dedicated to deliver quality product within time zone. Shri Mahipal Harsoliya is also assisted by his son namely Rahul Sharma.


InUse offers a SaaS application that transforms connected data from industrial equipment into operational recommendations for operators in the plant. Designed to deliver connected maintenance services, InUse increases all employees with a new collective intelligence in order to significantly improve industrial performance.

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100% CSR, Indispensac designs and produces your ecological, ethical and tailor-made packaging thanks to its creativity and Jacquard textile know-how.

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LivingPackets develops Innovative, Connected and Secure Solutions for Parcels Deliveries. With its latest Box, LivingPackets Replaces Secondary Packaging with an HighTech and Reusable case, Providing Unprecedented Experience and New Services for Customers, Logistics suppliers and eCommerce platform.

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MC Robotics is a French startup with 6 employees located in Besançon, a European microtechnology cluster. Our observation: Robotics remains difficult to access, reserved for perfectly qualified personnel. Kactus is a robot programming software entirely in Grafcet that runs under Windows. No line of code to enter, you draw your program! Its clear and intuitive interface allows you to quickly implement a robotic task. You simulate your program in 3D before moving your robot from the same interface! You can control different brands and all robot architectures. With Kactus, we are finally making robotics accessible!

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OBERA ePUR  Industrial Air Purifiers continuously measure, monitor and process the indoor air quality in your production facilities, warehouse/storage facilities and cargo/logistics terminals, and offices. EPUR industrial air purifiers patented technology reduce dust and pollutants, guarantee air quality in clean room, ensure better protection of employees, significantly reduce investment and operation costs and allow substantial energy savings.

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Packitoo is the first smart process application for packaging development, purchase and selling. Go faster, do better, connect your team on

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ProGlove develops an intelligent glove that enables the employee to work faster, safer and more ergonomically in production and logistics. This increases efficiency and quality in equal measure. Process steps can be documented hands-free and the user receives direct feedback via his intelligent glove. With new data points, ProGlove enables companies in numerous industries to achieve a higher level of business intelligence in production and logistics processes.

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Souvenirs du futur

The silver spencer, whose material was also created in the 1970s, is produced in a texture that has recently been reissued and can be produced indefinitely in 20 colours. Its isothermal, flexible and very solid qualities offer countless possibilities for development in all sectors of activity. The efficiency of the material allows the production of a whole range of products whose objective would be to protect from heat and cold while keeping both hot and cold at the same time.

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TheGreenFlux is the specialist of real time logistics asset GPS monitoring and management, outdoor and indoor as well. In warehouses and even more in points of sale. The GreenFlux garanties its customer substantials savings by managing and automatizing the treatment of the flux in a much more accurate and performing manner.

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USITAB specializes in the development of mobile applications connected to production lines, driven by operational teams to improve industrial performance: control of production failure events, real-time decision-making, data analysis, security and regulation, team skills development, management and portability.

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Wing offers e-commerce logistics services for very small businesses / SMEs and omni-channel retailers. 

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