ALL4PACK Paris 2016 survey


(European survey commissioned by ALL4PACK Paris, with analysis by ObSoCo)

This survey, conducted by ObSoCo on behalf of ALL4PACK Paris, aimed to gain insight into the “packaging experience” of European consumers, in both its functional and emotional aspects.

To do so, five main attributes of packaging were examined:

  • the development of connected and smart packaging,
  • packaging in online shopping,
  • information displayed on packaging,
  • the “wow” effect associated with limited edition or customised packaging,
  • the main properties of packaging.

While there appears to be some form of consensus on some of these points, the survey highlights two major differentiating criteria regarding attitudes to packaging: they are influenced by cultural traits and by a generation effect.

More specifically, a certain disparity can be observed between the French and Germans on the one hand, who seem to have a more functional approach to packaging, and the Italians and Spanish on the other, who are more sensitive to how packaging looks and acts on emotions.

Consumer attitudes to packaging also appear to differ by generation, in particular relating to innovation and reducing environmental impact. 

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