Pentawards: Exhibition 10/10

ALL4PACK Paris 2016 was to exclusively play host to the worlwide exhbition "Exhibition 10/10" (Exposition 10/10) produced and designed by the Pentawards. Over four days, 100 original and suitable packaging solutions will be presented together in 10 categories.

A unique opportunity for technicians, marketers and designers to gain a global perspective of the best and most creative achievements in packaging design over the past ten years.


A best-of of the "greatest hits" among the packaging items distinguished for their high levels of creativity and originality by the International Pentawards judging panel.

The 100 creations selected for this exhibition come from 22 different countries including more unexpected sources such as Kazakhstan and Colombia. 

The 100 creations selected will be divided into 10 categories to provide visitors with a clear vision of the exhibition:

Beers & Soft drinks


Suntory Business Expert – Japan – 2013
Green tea is more than a drink: it has been a cultural symbol of Japan since time immemorial. 
Bamboo is another symbolic element, leading to the idea of combining these two strong markers in a single bottle. 
The shape, texture, colour and typeface are assembled harmoniously and created this bottle which has since become the very image of green tea.

Perfumes & cosmetics


ADK – Japan - 2010
A concept which tells of metamorphosis, continuous movement, through bottles with shapes that are elastic, undefined and organic, shaped by the hand of the artist. The search for unfulfilled perfection for this range of hair care products.

Food & Dairy


Springetts Brand Design – UNITED KINGDOM - 2012
How to connect the British charity for the war wounded, Help the Heroes, with a very common product: eggs. Through humour and audacity! Shelf impact guaranteed with these military –coloured packs. In English the word soldier also means the bread fingers for dipping in a soft-boiled egg.

Mineral waters

Evian USA

forceMAJEURE fomerly raison - USA - 2007
Create a contemporary and top end carafe for the refined tables of the best American restaurants while maintaining the evian brand attributes and recognition.


Household Goods


Aekyung Design – South Korea - 2007
Express the primary use of the product in a pack in a washing machine-shaped pack with its transparent window –to see how much powder is left – and its scoop incorporated within the lid. High in-store impact and a pack that can be reused in the longer term.



Eduardo del Fraile – Spain - 2010
How to distinguish a wine of Spanish origin on the Chinese market… by harmoniously blending East and West. The Chinese theatre masks are added to with typically Spanish accessories such as the comb, the spotted shawl or the flamenco. On different face per type of wine.


Gold sleep

Shenzhen Excel Package Design – China - 2012
All the symbols of rest are gathered together here: the blue of the night, the moon and sleep, for a totally harmonious design for this Chinese liqueur that helps you to sleep.

DIY and Entertainment


JDA Retail Ready Design - USA - 2009
Earphones, a product which has become almost a commodity. How can you attract young people by an innovative design? 
By creating funny, unique and different faces whilst still clearly showing the type of product. The shelf impact is guaranteed due to the wide variety of faces.

Gourmet food


MARIOS KARYSTIOS - Cyprus - 2015
Communicate the message of a hand produced, organic and high quality olive oil from Lebanon. Create a bottle like no other by calling on the skills of a Cypriot ceramist. Two bottles came out of his workshops, one glossy black and the other matt olive green, produced in limited edition with a serial number.


Casks & Glorifiers

Don ruinard 2

Partisan du Sens - France – 2010
Partisan du Sens commissioned the well-known artist and designer Maarten Baas to create a “packaging object” complying with the brand’s values whilst giving it a contemporary edge and preserving its image of tradition and high-end luxury good.

Enter the pentawards contest during the exhibition and take the chance to win "The Package Design Book" and 6 bottles of champagne!

Created in January 2007, the Pentawards are recognised as the most prestigious worldwide competition exclusively devoted to packaging design in all its forms.

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