The vision of the Pack Experts Committee for the next edition of ALL4PACK PARIS 2016

Packaging driven by the supply chain and increasingly influenced by the consumer – a critical factor for brand strategy! 

EMBALLAGE & MANUTENTION, which together become ALL4PACK Paris in 2016, have since 2010 been supported by its Pack Experts Committee whose work highlights the vision of leading international brands which use and purchase packaging.

In 2016, consistent with the transformation of the industry and that of the event, the Committee has enrolled five new members from the supply chain, thanks to its partnership with Aslog[1]. The addition of these contrasting forms of expertise will help the show to securely establish its offer and content in the latest developments of the packaging and inter-logistics industry, bringing together the four sectors of Packaging, Printing, Processing & Handling.

5 new experts to further enhance thought around ALL4PACK Paris:

  • Frédéric BELTOISE – European Senior VP Supply Chain, VENTE PRIVEE
  • Karima BOUKOUNA –  Supply Chain Director, PHILIPS ECLAIRAGE
  • Françoise LOCHET – Products & Packaging Development Director, LABORATOIRES EXPANSCIENCE
  • Jorge RODRIGUES –Supply Chain Manager, FAUCHON

The other members of the 2016 Committee:

  • Philippe BONNINGUE – Global Director of Sustainable Packaging and Development, l’OREAL
  • Vincent FERRY – CEO and Founder, SOUL PACKAGING
  • Bruno GARNIER – Packaging and Sustainable Development Expert, GROUPE CARREFOUR
  • Valérie HERRENSCHMIDT  - Materials Unit Manager, ECO EMBALLAGES
  • Jean-Lou JOUX – Logistics Manager France, FROMAGERIES BEL
  • Jan LE MOUX – Prevention Director, ECO EMBALLAGES
  • David OZENNE - Director of Innovation, CHARAL 
  • Jean PINOTEAU - Packaging Specialist, NESTLE
  • Jean-Luc POIRIER - Packaging Procurement & Technical Development Manager, MARS PETCARE FRANCE
  • Laurence PROUST – Marketing director, PFIZER CONSUMER HEALTHCARE
  • Arnaud ROLLAND – Sustainable Development Manager, COCA COLA ENTREPRISES
  • Claudine ROSIERS - European Procurement Group Manager, NESTLE

The experts’ vision for the next 2 and 5 years 

To set out the challenges for the sector so as to gain insight into future market needs and expectations, the Pack Experts Committee met at the end of 2015 to take part in a “road mapping” exercise moderated by Annette FREIDINGER-LEGAY, an international packaging expert and ALL4PACK Paris’ official consultant. 

1. Cost cutting, health & safety and the environment: three priority issues 

  • Cost effectiveness remains a strong economic “driver”, in the short and medium terms, but must not affect supply and delivery times and flows.
  • The experts were unanimously in favour of practical, secure, customised and tamper-resistant packaging, bearing indicators for use and other details to assist consumers and/or patients and provide them with essential information. Indeed, with the exponential growth of social networks, consumers are more than ever in the driving seat and have become very demanding in the areas of service, safety, information and ethics.
  • Environmentally-related factors are still a concern in the medium and long terms. Brands, who want to see even more efficient industrial waste management, project themselves beyond their own packaging eco-design processes and aim for zero waste, which will oblige all players – from suppliers to consumers – to reason in terms of individual, re-usable and recyclable materials.

These considerations are a demonstration that packaging is becoming more than ever a central factor in brand strategy.

2. Primary packaging and shipping packaging under the spotlight: innovation at the heart of the supply chain and e-commerce 

Should primary packaging be designed according to distribution channels and logistics flows? The shorter these are, the lighter the packaging should be, particularly for e-commerce.

The experts believe that shipping packaging will play a growing role in the “customer experience” in e-commerce. It must be optimised in its format whilst being suited to automatic handling, and raise the question as to how it is disposed of.

The role of packaging in the supply chain becomes even more important in the light of product delivery becoming a social or community-based activity.

Reverse logistics loops are being increasingly considered in business-to-business spheres, while the concept of the closed-loop supply chain[2] is emerging in consumer markets, structuring the various return flows from the consumer back to the brand or retailer into a single flow.

3. New technology and Ultra Smart +++ packaging 

The specialists judge that the technologies which will emerge in the future will make packaging more than intelligent: they will have to respond to the presence of germs, enable the cold chain to be interrupted, flag the presence of allergens, communicate with refrigerators to manage use-by dates and avoid waste, and save the consumer the effort of reading instructions.

Technological change will also lead to new ways of working across the whole industry and industrial partnerships in this area will be of critical importance. 

This forward-looking vision of the 2016 Pack Experts committee sets the scene for the years to come, consolidating the show’s positioning and giving new meaning to its new name ALL4PACK: a Packaging, Processing, Printing and Handling offering which will extend and grow in complementarity to provide even better responses to demands for comprehensive solutions from one end of the chain to the other.

[1] Aslog: French National Association for supply chain and logistics

[2] The closed-loop supply chain can be described as an eco-friendly supply chain integrating reverse logistics.

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