The EMBALLAGE & MANUTENTION exhibitions become ALL4PACK Paris

The global marketplace for Packaging, Processing, Printing & Handling

Save the date : du 14 au 17 novembre 2016

In light of increasing integration along the entire production chain, the EMBALLAGE and MANUTENTION exhibitions have confirmed their complementary nature by becoming ALL4PACK Paris, the global marketplace for Packaging, Processing, Printing & Handling. This marks a strategic move in response to buyers’ expectations and reinforces the event’s key position for the EMEA region at an international level. With 13 months to go before ALL4PACK Paris opens, the new setup is attracting attention and registration numbers are rising.

A single exhibition in tune with its market

The fact that the two exhibitions have been held jointly since 2010 is a testament to the relevance of this synergy, withMANUTENTION's range providing the perfect complement to the EMBALLAGE end-of-line sector. Since then, buyers on the market have shifted towards a global purchasing policy, which includes packaging, processing, printing systems, and intralogistics solutions. The new ALL4PACK Paris brand makes this expansion of the exhibition’s range clearer and ensures consistency with industry developments.

Focus on the EMEA region

ALL4PACK Paris is confirming its international ambition by focusing on the EMEA region, which offers the greatest potential for the majority of exhibitors. The 2016 edition will focus in particular on the African continent.

The main theme of ALL4PACK Paris in 2016: “Let’s be creative!

Comexposium, organizer of the exhibition, has set the tone for creativity with:

  • a new name and an expanded range;
  • a new, simpler and more transparent pricing system;
  • a new setup in Halls 5a, 6 and 7;
  • a more simplified layout;
  • a program of unprecedented lectures and events to promote and understand innovation.

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