The CNE has expressed grave concern regarding the proliferation of accusatory broadcasts and pronouncements against packaging

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The Annual Meeting of the  Conseil National de l’Emballage (National Packaging Council) , held on 1st April 2015, expressed its grave concern regarding the proliferation of accusatory broadcasts and pronouncements against packaging.

The CNE ( Conseil National de l’Emballage), a non-profit organization created in 1997, is a moral authority bringing together various players in the packaging value chain in its forums and/or working groups:

  • Producers of packaging materials,
  • Packaging manufacturers,
  • FMCG companies,
  • Mass retailers,
  • Certified companies and operators in the collection and recycling sector,
  • Local authorities,
  • Consumer organizations,
  • Environmental protection organizations,
  • Other companies and federations,
  • Corporate lawyers

The CNE’s primary mission is to develop and disseminate best practices regarding the design, marketing and use of product packaging. To that end, the CNE encourages and develops a responsible approach to the complete packaging life cycle.

It strictly enforces ethical rules on commitments and obligations, such as environmental concerns, and maintains an ongoing dialogue with all stakeholders.

Representatives of the member organizations have reported their concerns about the increasing numbers of broadcasts and pronouncements on packaging, systematically calling into question its purpose and quality, without mentioning its wide range of positive functions, including its essential role in the fight against waste (especially food waste), in food safety and in improving the safety and health of consumers, as well as the convenience it provides during the use of the products it conveys and protects.

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