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Labelling machines


Labelling machines - Wet glue labellers<br />
Hotmelt labellers<br />
Self-adhesive labellers


Wet glue labellers
Hotmelt labellers
Self-adhesive labellers


Langguth - Linear / rotary labelling machines, hot glue or cold glue


LANGGUTH wetLAN® wet glue labellers provide ease of operation and precision: the well-conceived machine design of the wetLAN® series guarantees remarkably simple operation and rapid changeover to various sizes of labels and containers. Each label is placed exactly where it is needed, no matter what size or shape of container. LANGGUTH hotLAN® hotmelt labellers feature two main factors: minimum glue consumption and maximum fl exibility to save costs all along the line, because only one machine is needed to label a variety of containers with a minimum of glue. LANGGUTH selfLAN® self-adhesive labellers give any container that very special look using a wide range of label shapes processed by the selfLAN® machine series.

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